April was a joyful month. While enjoying the beauty of spring and Easter decorations, we kept our focus on pushing the boundaries of visual management and making it easier to apply with Kanban Zone.

In our desire to make the platform more visually pleasing and boost its management capabilities, we added several new key functionalities for taking your performance to the next level.

With their help, you can now create new cards everywhere on your boards with greater ease and add image covers to them for more distinctive work visualization.

In addition, we started a recurring monthly virtual Lean Coffee session to explore topics related to Agile, Kanban, and Lean.

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Image Card Covers

card image cover

The power of visual management comes from the ability to understand the state of your workflow in just a few glances.

To make this easier for every Kanban Zone user, we are happy to introduce image card covers.

Put them to your advantage and make cards stand out with just a couple of clicks. All you need to do is choose an attached image to the card and add it as a cover. Learn more…

Add Cards with Fewer Clicks


Cards are the lifeblood of every visual management system. To make the process of creating them easier in Kanban Zone, we upgraded a foundational feature of the platform.

Now, you can add cards much faster in any column by clicking the new Add Card at the top of it.

You will also notice a simpler layout when adding cards. The goal was to make the process easier. Learn more…

The Backlog is Optional


The Backlog column is no longer required on boards.

You can now use the column state of type Backlog on any column of your board or not have any column of type backlog.

Most of our templates will continue to provide a Backlog column as the first column, but visual templates will benefit from not having to have it. Learn more…

As always, if you find an issue or feel something could be improved, please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback so that we can continue to improve Kanban Zone. You will never hurt our feelings, so don’t be shy. We would love to hear from you…

– The Kanban Zone Team