Plan once a week… deliver every day!

At the beginning of every week, select a few cards that you can accomplish in that week. Visualize these cards on a daily basis, select one card at a time to work on, and see your work consistently flow across this Kanban board.

weekly planning process kanban board

Measure your flow

After a few weeks, access you throughput (average number of card that get done per week) and cycle time (average time cards take from start to end) reports. With this data, you can adjust the number of cards that you should plan every week and set better expectations on your goals.

Weekly Planning Theater 400x246Weekly Planning with Stephen Covey, Agile/Scrum/XP and Kanban

If you are a fan of weekly planning and achieving goals, then you will want to read our article that illustrates various techniques to do weekly planning… From Stephen Covey’s compass, to Agile methodologies and ultimately visualizing it on a Kanban board.

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