8 Best Jobs for Remote Work

Over the last couple of years, an increasing number of people started their online businesses and worked remotely. There are various benefits of working remotely, from saving the time you’d normally spend commuting, to working wherever you want, whenever you want. Just a few years ago, working from home or any other location other than your office has been a luxury. Now, it’s becoming a reality for many people, especially freelancers.

Remote work opens a myriad of possibilities for online workers, from setting their schedule to choosing what they’ll work on and for who. In fact, a recent survey shows that one of the top reasons why professionals leave the workforce or look for a different work opportunity is flexible working arrangement. Additionally, 87% of employed individuals choose to work remotely and spend an average of three days as week to work from home. As the trend for remote work continues to rise, the demand for remote or flexible work opportunities also goes up.

Luckily, there are various skills that you can learn in order to find a remote job, either as a freelancer or full-time employee working away from the office. But which positions offer you to work onlineContinue reading this article and check the 8 best jobs for remote work in 2022.

8 Best Jobs for Remote Work

There are many types of jobs that allow you to work online. We listed the 8 best job positions with their respective salaries. We listed the salaries based on reports from Indeed, but they may vary depending on which company you work for and where you are from.

Digital Marketing

  •         Annual Salary: $58,448

One of the best digital work opportunities is digital marketing. It’s a very broad field with a large salary range. It’s considered one of the most flexible and fastest-growing remote jobs in 2021, according to FlexJobs.

As businesses are growing and moving online, there is a need for one or a whole team of digital marketers, consultants, strategists, and others who will make sure the business will generate leads and grow.

Digital marketing is one of the best jobs for remote work this 2022 because it will allow you to work flexibly, plan your working hours and even automate all your tasks in the great matter and easily adjust to different industries. You can explore various options and learn how to get sales on Etsy or another platform, how to monetize social media, how to make the most out of PPC marketing, and so on.


  •         Annual Salary: $51,845

The COVID-19 pandemic showed the world that online education is more than possible. It also opened the door to success for teachers and tutors who teach students and everyone else interested in learning a new skill, online. That being said, if you’re looking for one of the best jobs for remote work in 2022, tutoring may be the one. 

Whether you’re a language teacher, or you teach math, physics, or even coding, online tutoring will allow you to kickstart your career as a remote worker.

Besides tutoring, you can also work as an education consultant or a curriculum designer. There are many freelance opportunities, but also learning platforms and online schools that are on the hunt for excellent educators.


  •         Annual Salary: $68,992

We mentioned earlier that language skills are in high demand, and so are translation jobs. Many tech, science, business, and other conferences and events shifted online, which often calls for a specialized translator to offer help in translation, such as website translation service.

Many bilingual people can also use the opportunity to travel the world while working in tourism, education, and other flexible jobs that require the knowledge of different languages.

Graphic Design

  •         Annual Salary: $58,825

Graphic designers often need inspiration in order to create visually appealing layouts, landing pages, logos, and other visual media. That inspiration oftentimes can’t be found in the office. It’s one of the most creative and best jobs for remote work.

Luckily, graphics designers can find plenty of options for virtual work. Graphic designers love working remotely and traveling the world in the process. They usually have good salaries that allow them to travel and sustain themselves, while also landing a few side gigs now and then.

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Content Writing

  •         Annual Salary: $64,694

Every business needs a content writer, someone who will put clients’ vision on paper and help the websites drive more traffic and the business grow. Writing is a very broad term. Nevertheless, working as a writer is one of the best jobs for remote work for years. 

Some freelancers specialize in creative writing, while others have a specialized area of expertise and create content for different industries. There’s also a special type of sales writing known as copywriting, but that’s also an important part of digital marketing.

Software Development

  •         Annual Salary: $93,963

People who work as computer scientists and software developers are generally used to working remotely. This industry offers plenty of positions that don’t require you to work in the office including front-end development, back-end development, full-stack development, and even data engineering.

People who work in this field can flexibly work from the comfort of their homes. Software developers and engineers work with remote teams and hold online meetings to discuss their projects and sprints. It also offers great salary options that allow developers to work while traveling and living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Project Management

  •         Annual Salary: $76,911

Project management is another of the best jobs for remote work this year. According to the Project Management Institute, the demand for project managers is growing. By 2030, it is expected that there’ll be a need for more than 25 million project managers.

Automated tools make business and project management easier. Still, there’s a need for skilled individuals that can support teams online and see the development of a product or service from start to end.

Virtual Assistant

  •         Annual Salary: $61,485

A virtual assistant is one of the most prospective online jobs to look for in 2022. Businesses save a lot of time and money by hiring one or several virtual assistants that can take care of important calls, email, strategies, content management, data entry, and other tasks.

There are around 20 different types of virtual assistants, and each type requires a similar set of skills to get started. Additionally, it’s one of the best jobs for remote work this 2022. 

You’re likely to already have the necessary skills to work this type of job such as proficiency in different software, email clients, language proficiency, communication skills, and a keen eye for details. Other, business-specific skills aren’t too challenging to learn.


There are enough remote work opportunities for everyone who wants to experience the flexibility and versatility of their workplace. But don’t forget, the competition is huge. The best way to succeed in your remote job search is to stay organized and plan your tasks strategically. Kanban Zone allows you to create your personal Kanban for job hunting. Join the Kanban movement and start your remote journey today!

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