Moscow template screenshot

Our MoSCoW priority template illustrates how you can split a single column into multiple rows. This board template is specifically made to group your work according to its level of priority using the MoSCoW prioritization technique.

MoSCoW is a simple acronym to represent 4 levels of priority when planning work – Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, and Won’t Have. Having a board integrated with the MoSCoW levels of priorities enables you to assess at a glance what you should be working on at a point in time.

The key here is being able to set a priority for each task, add it to the necessary container, and pull from there. Ideally, you will focus first on tackling the Must Haves among the four levels. Then you move on to the Should Haves and the Could Haves, as time and resources permit.

It is recommended that you regularly review the priorities you’ve set for your tasks. There might be instances where a Could Have or a Won’t Have becomes a Should Have or a Must Have due to changes in demand or market needs, among other factors. Reviewing regularly helps ensure your tasks stay relevant and enables you to stay on track to meet your goals

What is included in the MoSCoW Prioritization Template?

If you use this template, you’ll get:

  • Four columns: Priority, Review, In Progress, and Done.
  • Four subcolumns in the Priority column: Must, Should, Could, and Won’t.
  • Three labels to signify the type of the tasks: Enhancement, Issue, and Research.

How to Use the Template

  1. Start your Free Trial, then build a new board from the MoSCoW Template.
  2. Add your tasks as cards, and assign them the labels according to their types.
  3. Set a priority for each card, then put them in their respective subcolumns (Must, Should, Could, and Won’t).
  4. Drag the cards from the Must subcolumn to the next columns. When you’re done with the task, drag the card to the Done column.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the Should subcolumn, then the Could subcolumn.
  6. Review the priorities regularly.