Release Notes > 11/15/2019

This is a big one! We have decided to move to a Free Trial model and also significantly improve the Sign Up and First Time User experience. For existing users, you will see the main improvement when creating a new board.

Free Trial

Instead of signing up for a limited Free plan that did not include all the features, now new users will sign up for a 30 day Free Trial that includes everything.

Kanban Zone - 30 Day Free Trial

Our plans have not changed, we still offer these 3 plans: Personal, Start-Up and Enterprise. At any time during the Free Trial new users can select one of these 3 plans. The Personal plan is still Free.

First Time User

As part of switching to the Free Trial model, it was important to also improve the First Time User experience. As soon as a new user has completed to sign up by creating their account on Kanban Zone, they will immediately enter the First Time User experience…

Kanban Zone - 30 Day Free Trial - Get Started

During the First Time User experience, we guide new users on how to set up their first board. This 5 step process will show the new user that all boards in Kanban Zone start by leveraging one of our board templates.

This quick process also promotes the ability to create card labels,