If you like dates then this month’s release notes should make you very happy… Timeline Zone is the absolute dream for a project manager seeking to track work within a Portfolio Kanban system. We also introduced Gant charts to visualize your work and polished some rough edges with rounded corners.

Timeline Zone is here…

If you wanted to track dates, create plans using these dates, and visualize these dates on a Gantt chart, then you will love our new Zone. Following in the footsteps of Summary Zone, you can target cards from one or multiple boards in a single view, but this time with a focus on dates shown in a timeline.

Timeline 1900

There is so much to share about Timeline Zone, including the ability to create dynamic plans, see the cycle time for each card, and get clear signals about work that needs your attention based on dates. You can learn more about this powerful new feature that you can access from the Board panel. For step by step instructions, check out this knowledge base article.

Gantt Charts

In support of Timeline Zone, we added the ability to view cards on a Gantt chart. This common project management view of work will provide you a way to track cards based on their planned or actual start/end dates.

kanban zone - timeline view to show Gantt chart

Important Note: Since many Kanban Zone organizations use a Portfolio Kanban system by linking cards across multiple boards based on their relationships (parent/child or predecessor/successor), you can also generate a Gantt chart under the Links section of your cards.