This month was all about delivering many improvements around existing functionality. Many of these are direct feedback from some of our superusers and members of our Beta program to provide early access to new features. We hope that one or all of these improvements brings you joy!

Special thank you to Steve, Manuel, and John for your feedback to make Kanban Zone even better!

Add card to any column

Although a new card should start in the Backlog and then flow on the board, you can now add a new card directly to any column from within Kanban Zone or the API.

add card from column menu

In the screenshot above, you can see that the column menu option now offers “+ Add Card Here”.

add card to any column

In the screenshot above, you can see that when clicking on “+ Card” there is a new section called “In Column” with a dropdown to select the column to create this card.

New multi-select custom field

One of the most powerful features in Kanban Zone is custom fields and based on customer feedback, we added a new type called “multi-select”. It works exactly like the original single-select custom field type in terms of providing a list of predefined values to choose from, but now multiple options (instead of just one) can be selected.

multi-select new custom field type

Since some customers will want to take advantage of this new option on their existing single-select custom fields, you will see a “Convert to Multi-Select”.