Release Notes > 05/21/2018



  • Add-ons are now available from the Options menu, but don’t get too excited we only have one add-on for now, but we have a list of new add-ons that will be coming soon.
  • Adding new cards now offers more options that just typing the title of the cards, see the before and after below:

Before it was just the title…
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Now it’s also quick actions like… 
Owner, Watcher, Due Date, Label, Favorite, Block, Priority and Size
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  • No more disappearing comments because another user in your organization was deleting a task. Yes that one was weird.
  • If you were already logged into KZ and clicked a link to a card from a KZ email notification, then it opened that card (that always worked). But if you were not logged into KZ and tried to do the same, then after you logged in, it just showed you the last board you were on. Now it actually is smart enough to keep that link and open it after you login. This one was tough to explain, but we promise you will like it now that it’s fixed.

As always, don’t hesitate to send us your feedback, so that we can continue to improve KZ. You will never hurt our feelings if you find an issue. or something that could be improved, so don’t be shy.

The Kanban Zone Team