Release Notes > 04/29/2020

April has been a very difficult month for everyone in the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to leverage Kanban Zone to help, so we created a new template called “Pandemic Preparedness Plan”. This template provided by the World Health Organization focuses on the processes of national pandemic influenza preparedness planning.

We also did push multiple improvements that we would like to share with you…

More flexible license model

This was a significant change to our subscription model that will provide greater flexibility to current and future customers. When we started Kanban Zone we wanted to ensure that every organization would maintain a ratio of 1 administrator (Kanban expert) to 9 collaborators (Kanban practitioners). This sounded great in theory, but as we added more customers, it became clear that we needed to let our customers decide the right ratio for themselves.

If you have an existing Enterprise plan of 3 administrators and 27 collaborators, then you can now do whatever you want with these 30 licenses. What did not change is that subscribers and viewers continue to be free.

Grouping Boards

As your organization grows and more areas also want to benefit from doing Kanban, you can now organize your boards into custom groups. These groups can be leveraged across Kanban Zone when seeing a list of boards.

board groups add-on

Paste images from clipboard

We provide multiple ways to add attachments to a card, but if you quickly need to attach an image without having to save that image, then you got you covered… If you copy an image to your clipboard, then you can paste that image directly on a card. Simply click the “Paste from Clipboard”, or from anywhere on a card, you can use the “paste” keyboard shortcut to automatically create an image attachment. It’s pure magic!

paste from clipboard card attachment


  • Using the move card function within a card now lets you modify the card label. This is especially useful if you are moving a card to a different board that doesn’t have the same card labels. Thank you Kim for this helpful customer request!
    move card label option
  • Editing your plan now lets you upgrade to 250 licenses using a cool slider, instead of 100. If you need more than 250 licenses, then contact us to discuss volume pricing.
    license slider
  • Following our last release where we added 4 advanced permissions, we added 2 more advanced permissions. You can now choose to let licensed members add boards (or not) and access the full organizational member management (or not). Learn more about advanced permissions…

As always, don’t hesitate to send us your feedback so that we can continue to improve Kanban Zone. You will never hurt our feelings if you find an issue or something that could be improved, so don’t be shy.

– The Kanban Zone Team