Happy New Year!

We are excited to welcome 2023 and share with you the latest developments around Kanban Zone.

In January, we introduce a new powerful set of process analytics, and board templates to boost your performance. In addition, our team curated several valuable blog articles and videos for facilitating a flying start to the work year. Continue reading to learn more!

New Process Analytics

This month, we released the following process analytics:

  • Flow Efficiency – to show your Efficiency % and where you could be more efficient
  • Abandoned Effort – to quantify the cost in time of work you start but cancel along the way
  • Performance Tuning – to provide a complete picture of your performance and identify your improvement opportunities

New Process Analytics

The Performance Tuning report provides a lot of insights, here is a quick analysis of a sample report to help you see how to interpret the data. It has already helped us improve our flow and find bottlenecks. Schedule a call for a private session to review your performance and identify improvement opportunities.

Our team is also working on a new forecasting module based on the Monte Carlo technique.
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As always, if you find an issue or feel something could be improved, please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback so that we can continue to improve Kanban Zone. You will never hurt our feelings, so don’t be shy. We would love to hear from you…

– The Kanban Zone Team