Puzzle ExpertWe are always seeking experts to create boards on Kanban Zone that will help their audience fully benefit from their expertise. By applying to become an expert on Kanban Zone you will receive the following benefits:

  • Share your expertise using an effective way to attract, engage and benefit from your expertise
  • Work directly with one of our Kanban coach to ensure that you take full advantage of Kanban Zone
  • Develop a new way to reach people around the world seeking your expertise

Don’t only write books or articles, turn that knowledge into actionable Kanban boards. Your clients and fans will know exactly how to proceed to implement your proven process and they will be able to track their progress and results.

Provide the name of the board that you want to create in Kanban Zone to showcase your expertise.

Provide a short description of what this board will do to help others leverage your expertise.

Share information about your expertise, as well as links to your articles, books or websites that position you as an expert in your field.