Our Referral Partner Program rewards individuals or companies who introduce Kanban Zone as the ideal solution to their professional networks and the public. The goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship by sharing ideas to improve the use of Kanban and providing the best Kanban solution by combining your expertise with ours.

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Why be a Referral Partner with Kanban Zone?

  • Generate more business by augmenting your services with the Kanban Zone platform. and by receiving customer leads from Kanban Zone that match your expertise.
  • Engage with our team of Kanban experts to continuously improve the way to use Kanban.
  • Influence the functionality of Kanban Zone by collaborating on new feature development and choose to join our Beta program to get access to new features before they launch.

Who Referral Partners with Kanban Zone?

  • Trainers who provide training solutions that need an online Kanban tool to integrate in exercises to promote a deeper experience with their students.
  • Coaches who need to implement the ideal Kanban solution for their clients.
  • Consultants who focus on their own expertise but need a partner to focus on introducing Kanban to their clients.

What do you get as a Referral Partner?

  • Referral fee for every new customer acquired by you.
  • Partner account for internal use and demo purposes.
  • Co-branded Partner page for registering new potential customers.
  • Referral Partner Badge that you can put on your website.
  • Partner support with dedicated partner success manager.

What can you do as a Referral Partner?

  • Promote Kanban Zone in various channels (website, social media, events, etc.)
  • Provide board templates:
    • Public templates are shared with all Kanban Zone members, with the option to promote your services through the template.
    • Private templates only for your customers to access with Kanban Zone so that you and your customers can save time by leveraging your specialized templates.
  • Provide blogs to be published on the Kanban Zone blog.
  • Provide solutions to be published on the Kanban Zone website to drive leads to you, like this Education Kanban and Legal Kanban solutions.

All Partners are subject to this Referral Partner License Agreement and License Terms for Applications Offered with Kanban Zone as posted on our website, and its alterations and additions from time to time.

Partner Request Form

Make Kanban Zone your platform to help your customers get the most our of your services on a solution that you can customize to your needs.

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