6 Time Management Problems & How To Fix Them

Effective time management is not easy in modern, fast-paced work environments. Some key obstacles to effective time management include a lack of organization and an inability to set clear, relevant goals to accomplish tasks.

With smart time management, you can work smarter and not harder. You will both achieve more in less time and also learn to keep up with time as you work. To get organized, you must first locate the problem and approach it with a smart solution. This blog discusses the most common problems related to time management and how to fix them.

Common Time Management Issues

Poor time management leads to low-quality work, missed deadlines, negatively affected working relationships, procrastination, loss of motivation, and lack of sleep. Time management tools are a great solution for issues related to inefficacy but also a good way to set up an effective workplace from the ground up.

Training sessions and tools will only help you improve your time management once you detect the problem behind your lack of organization. Here are some common time management problems and how to deal with them.

1. Lack of motivation

First on our list of time management problems is a lack of motivation. Sometimes, finding the motivation can be an obstacle to finishing a specific task.

To fix this problem, try to identify the problem that makes you feel unmotivated about the task and focus on that part of the project. For instance, if you have trouble with research as the initial phase of a project, you could seek help or try exploring different sources (libraries, scientific papers, etc.)

Completing that task could help you reach a different milestone. For insurance, if you are working on developing an ecommerce automation software and are dealing with many bugs, think of them as potential opportunities to gain more experience and prevent them in the future.

2. Procrastination

We’ve all put off tasks until there was little time left before a deadline and had to complete them last minute. Procrastination creates unproductive habits that are difficult to overcome. The good news, however, is that conquering procrastination is possible. Our advice is to set a timer for a short period and just start working, pushing yourself to finish by the time the clock runs out.

A time tracker is a great way to organize your objectives into a detailed schedule. It can be a real lifesaver in the office, especially for workers that tend to procrastinate and have difficulties organizing their objectives.

3. Little time to complete tasks

Besides procrastination and lack of motivation, people often leave themselves with too little time to complete their goals. This lack of time may result in many necessary objectives and equally important tasks. If you have lots to do and little time to finish everything, focus on the following.

Prioritize your to-do list and approach the tasks that need to be eliminated sooner rather than later. You can also explore new tools to help you visualize your progress better. If you plan to level up your eCommerce business in 2023, you’ll likely need a bunch of tools to support your daily scope of work. Depending on your workplace dynamic, you can also try delegating tasks to your coworkers.

4. Multitasking

No matter how productive it makes you feel, multitasking can lead to subpar work, resulting in tasks taking twice as long as they would’ve if given your undivided attention. The reason multitasking often fails is simple: splitting your focus between multiple tasks causes them to take longer and often results in subpar work.

To avoid this trap, focus on one objective at a time. This approach makes your work more efficient and brings higher quality to every task you approach. Try using lists or taking occasional breaks to relieve mental stress.

5. Not enough rest

Many hard-working individuals sleep fewer hours per day or avoid breaks. This habit can lead to time management issues. While you may think sleeping less or taking fewer breaks gives you more time to accomplish tasks, not enough rest is guaranteed to make you less productive. Productivity and focus increase with rest.

Feeling like you are struggling with proper time management? Trying to push toward your sales pipeline goals but not feeling any progress?

Don’t push yourself. Consider building breaks into your workday, and try to rest when you need to. A consistent sleep schedule is one of the best ways to get adequate rest. If you are having trouble sleeping, seek medical help.

6. Lack of delegation/organization

Last on our list are organization and delegation. Staying organized is a key element of proper time management as it directly relates to accomplishing objectives and effectively switching between tasks. This is where a visual project management tool can come in handy. By using a project management tool such as a Kanban board, you can easily keep track of all of your pending tasks and easily delegate them to your team.

By delegating tasks, you divide the work and allocate it to your subordinates. The concept reduces workload, allowing everyone to focus their attention on different areas of work. For instance, you can delegate planning and business analysis to two individuals or teams. A good performance management system can help you delegate tasks effectively. 

Final thoughts

Time is the most valuable asset on the planet. Learning how to manage it is one of the most valuable skills you can master – and a practice that makes you more productive and energetic and gives you a better work-life balance.

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