5 Benefits of Using Kanban Boards for Personal Training

Kanban boards work by using cards, columns, and continuous improvement in order to help you commit to the right amount of work and get things done.

In order to understand how to get the most of a Kanban board, it is important to realize that it is a visualization tool. Kanban translated to English means “visual signal” and this project management method uses visual signal for improving resource utilization, bottlenecks identification, and problem resolution. 

A Kanban board is a tool for the visual representation of overall work and workflow and is practical for managing projects in a simple and clear way. 

Kanban boards can assist personal trainers to get more done and improve productivity. The following are some of the benefits of using Kanban boards for personal training.

1. Makes managing the workflow easier

Personal trainers usually have to adhere to strict deadlines and schedules. A Kanban board makes things easier by allowing them to visualize their workflow

The Kanban board categorizes group tasks within a step or column in your board and this helps to keep things organized. 

With better visibility on the flow of work, teams are now able to better diagnose their processes efficiently. This helps them to determine when in the process the tasks are starting to build up and whether team members are starting to become overburdened. 

As your teams navigate through their tasks, your board will allow you to collect process metrics such as cycle time and you can analyze this to gauge what needs to be improved upon. 

2. Improves productivity

You can keep yourself and your team motivated by giving you team access to Kanban boards for personal training. As a task and project management methodology, Kanban can help you and your team to maintain a state of flow when managing your tasks. 

With better task visibility and having just one dashboard to monitor your pending tasks, it will be easier for you to achieve optimum performance. 

You can increase your productivity by adhering to the four Fs of flow which are namely focus, freedom, feedback, and 4% challenge. Constantly remembering to practice the four F’s will keep you motivated and in top form when performing your tasks. 

Out of the terms named above, the 4% challenge is perhaps the one that is not self-explanatory. The 4% challenge is about keeping the level of the challenge high and about keeping your levels of motivation and enthusiasm high to ensure that you put in a lot of effort into your work whilst also enjoying it. 

You do not need to always be competing with other people to keep your motivation high but can also challenge yourself to keep on improving. For instance, if you jogged 2km today, you can challenge yourself to jog an extra 300m every day in order to constantly grow. 

By constantly improving yourself, you will not only improve your motivation and skills but also avoid the feeling of being stagnant. If you feel stagnant, it could potentially hamper your ability to compete against the best in your niche. 

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3. Increases team cohesion and helps reduce errors

Kanban boards help to increase healthy interactions between team members and team leaders as a result of the fast workflow produced through the Kanban boards. The team members can start work as soon as their tasks are assigned and this means that when their final product is put out, it is usually of a decent quality. 

Traditional techniques could create misunderstandings between team members and leaders, especially in the modern age where you have to embrace new means of communication. 

Large gaps between the team leaders and members create a void where valuable information is lost and Kanban boards for personal training can help to seal up the void. 

Mistakes are always going to be part and parcel of all tasks and groups but you must always aim to identify and rectify them early so that they do not become serious and seriously compromise your operations. 

Kanban boards allow your product to be easily launched once development and conceptualization are over. This means that customers will immediately be using your product as soon as it is released. Mistakes and solutions will be identified quickly which will significantly improve the work experience of all team members. 

4. Improves focus 

Multitasking is never healthy. We tend to do it when rushed and it almost always leads to subpar work being done. Let’s face it, it’s not always possible to avoid multitasking as life happens but this does not mean that we cannot take steps to avoid it from happening. 

Today, specialists move a large number of analytical materials, research, and testing. Users of Kanban benefit as it can improve the team’s focus by making it easier to highlight important tasks. The work in progress limits inherent in Kanban will help to delineate tasks that must be performed one after the other. 

Team members will see what needs to be done first and this will make transitioning through the workload more manageable and efficient. 

It helps to reduce distractions which can compromise the overall quality of the end product. 

5. Improves involvement 

As the tasks that need to be completed are all visible, team members will be more aware of their responsibility and will work more efficiently. The worst nightmare of most people is to see their inactivity hampering the team. It is also just plain embarrassing. 

Kanban boards for personal trainers will ensure that the workflow is transparent and make team members less likely to procrastinate which can hinder the overall quality of work and workflow


If you are a business owner today, you have to be willing to always explore new and innovative ways to improve team chemistry and cohesion. 

The ever-changing nature of the work industry and the introduction of new technologies mean that we cannot afford to rely on traditional methods or we will be left behind. 

The use of a Kanban board is something which can definitely help to improve team chemistry and make communication, work assignment, and solid flow of productivity better. 

You should definitely explore using Kanban boards for personal trainers in your team.

About the Author: Tyler Read

Tyler Read is the owner of Personal Trainer Pioneer which is a website dedicated to helping people get started in the personal training industry. He helps people discover, study, and pass their fitness exams. Check out his free videos for the latest trends.