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SEO technologies are continually evolving. Despite the fact that many have talked about their gradual fading, they are only taking new forms and are more trusted by marketers than classic PPC. What seemed unreal a couple of years ago may have lost its relevance by now. Keeping pace with rapidly changing trends requires being at the center of the action. And besides this, it is necessary to ensure the fulfillment of all current tasks and do it at the highest level in order to remain an effective SEO agency. Optimization of internal processes is an individual matter, but some recommendations are still possible. Kanban can become your faithful assistant and methodological aid in categorization and timely implementation of all tasks. Before knowing the different Kanban benefits that you can expect, let us first understand what this project management method is.

Kanban: Introduction

You’ve probably heard this word. You may have even tried to implement it or its ‘colleague’ Scrum into work. But if you are looking for better options, we suppose that something went wrong or did not have the desired result.

Kanban is a task setting model that helps visualize and control work. With its help, you can track all processes using a virtual board and cards with tasks. Depending on the status, the cards are moved to the appropriate columns: to do, in progress, and ready. If necessary, the team can add more columns, such as testing, deployment, etc.

Visualization of current tasks makes it possible to analyze them faster and increase the efficiency of implementation. The team sees what is in priority and does not lose sight of any aspect of the project. Many online tools provide the ability to operate boards. They are often not flexible enough, or they lack some critical functions such as a timeline.

Its main feature lies within a skillful approach to customization. The tool is equally well suited for individuals, startups, and large enterprises that can customize it in their own way. Flexible and feature-rich, Kanban Zone is very easy to use even if you’ve never come across all of these project management methodologies. See for yourself: you have 30 days of free use.

Kanban Benefits for Your SEO Business

So, you have already understood that this methodology makes it easy to control workflows, edit them at any time, and ensure interaction between all team members. Let’s summarize and present a list of Kanban benefits that you can expect for your SEO business:

  • visibility
  • flexibility
  • involvement
  • focus
  • productivity

Let us provide a short description of each of the points.

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What is only voiced will soon be forgotten. What is recorded on the board will remind you of itself until you complete the task. Besides, when all the stakeholders have access to the data, it becomes easier to detect the problem and solve it in time. All updates, adjustments, and intermediate results are visible so that no one will miss important information and will not be forced to disturb colleagues with requests for clarifications persistently. Visibility is one of the most essential Kanban benefits as it helps improve collaboration and the flow of work across teams.


Kanban is a universal system and can be used by enterprises in different fields and any department within the company. Each team adjusts milestones and priorities based on their workload and the time it takes to complete the task.

As one of the five Kanban benefits, flexibility is what makes Kanban an ideal project management method for SEO companies. For example, in your SEO agency, you can easily control all departments’ work and not get confused about the tasks assigned to each of them. The site audit team will have separate boards that do not overlap with the guys who are working on getting more links for the client’s site. At the same time, if cross-movement between departments is necessary (finishing work on one task and transferring its results to another team), the process can also be easily configured.


Due to the fact that all tasks are visually displayed and are publicly available, team members are better aware of their area of responsibility and work much more efficiently. No one wants his or her inaction to slow down the overall workflow. For the same reason, no one wants to make mistakes because they will immediately become known to the entire team. And the clear structure of the Kanban board system ensures complete transparency of the workflow and the impossibility of procrastination or other weak spots hindering the whole project.


Multitasking is not always a good option. This is especially true of SEO business, where specialists move among a vast amount of analytical materials, research, and testing. Users of Kanban benefits from this method as it can help improve the team’s focus by making it easy to highlight important tasks. That is why the work-in-progress limits inherent in Kanban help to delineate the tasks that must be performed one after the other, and not at the same time. Experts see what needs to be done first and move along the pipeline much faster, without being distracted by suddenly appearing additions and questions that necessarily arise when trying to take on several tasks at once.


It rises not only due to WIP limits. Transparent distribution of roles and the absence of downtime, which often appears where people don’t understand each other’s workflows, play an essential role. Each task has its deadline and each specialist knows at what point he or she will be able to take the baton and contribute to the project’s implementation.

“While implementing Kanban for our SEO team, we also decided to do the same for our retouchers. By analyzing the productivity of retouchers, we were able to use time more efficiently and reduce the cost of retouching by 7%” – says CEO of, Noah Miller.

Wrapping Up

These Kanban benefits can help SEO business owners improve the overall efficiency of their SEO team. Modern business realities require, first of all, the ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Suppose clients do not have time to keep track of all the SEO modifications and ask to adhere to the classical methodology. In that case, it is necessary not to obey outdated requirements blindly but to talk about innovations and find a compromise. To not get confused in workflows, edits, and updates, it makes sense to employ Kanban.

Boards with detailed specifications for each project will keep you focused and provide a solid foundation to complete tasks clearly and consistently. Their systematic use will streamline all business processes and significantly increase productivity. Your competitors are eagerly waiting for you to make a mistake: make them wait forever by implementing the most efficient Kanban Software provided by Kanban Zone.

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