Businesses look to project management to give them more efficient ways to work. But kickstarting a project can be tedious and time-consuming. Deciding what process to use, outlining the needed project information for you to start, then managing the project as it progresses. What if there’s a better and faster way? What if you can quickly start a project and stay on top of things easily? Enter project management templates.

These templates are pre-built documents or digital frameworks that help businesses plan and execute their projects better. Project management templates come with predefined information that teams can use immediately to prepare for a project or perform a task. If you want to know why you should use them, follow along as we discuss the benefits of using project management templates.

Advantages of Using Project Management Templates

If you need a little more convincing, here are 6 benefits of using project management templates.

Save Time

No question, using templates saves you tons of time. There’s so much time that you could save from thinking what the process should be to making the necessary planning templates you’ll need to kickstart the project. You only need to create a template once and you can benefit from it repeatedly. Now that’s efficient.

Reinforces Standardization

Knowing a project plan or process works is not enough. You need to leverage it and make sure you’re using it to its maximum advantage. Turning a winning project plan or process into a project management template allows you to repeat that success across all your teams and projects. It helps you ensure that your teams are working consistently according to standards. Through time, a project management template becomes second nature to the team. This makes it more efficient and sustainable.

Increase Productivity

Using a project management template reinforces the importance of planning. We’ve seen projects fail due to poor planning. Having a clear process to follow enables teams to bring the pieces together and start acting. When processes and information are clear, teams can focus on doing the work and worry less about how they will do it. This allows teams to act quickly and ditch the think-time needed to figure out what’s next for them to do. This is directly related to using templates to standardize business operations. As you find better ways to do your projects, transform them into actionable project management templates so you can increase your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Improved Communication

One of the biggest benefits of using project management templates is transparency. Everyone who’s involved in the project can know what’s going on. Any update or change to the project can be easily seen by the team. If there are issues or bottlenecks, the team can swarm to get work flowing smoothly again. Having everything visible and shared breaks barriers and pushes teams to collaborate. This is especially useful for projects that cut across different departments. Communication within the team will be stronger as information is made transparent.

Reduces Risk

Using templates lessens the possibility of mistakes. When everything is laid out and a clear process is followed, you can focus more on getting the work done. You won’t have to worry about missing a crucial step and having to delay your project or redo things. A project management template outlines all the information you need to do and guides you towards executing your project with ease.

Improve Customer Experience

Every project’s goal is to deliver valuable products and services that satisfy customer goals. All the aforementioned benefits of using project management templates contribute to higher levels of customer satisfaction. These templates push information front and center, making you more confident to communicate with your customers on matters of project progress, challenges, and timelines. When customers know that you have established processes in place, they will be more confident in the work that you do.

Examples on Where to Use Project Management Templates

The benefits of using project management templates can be experienced at any business operation or project. If you have a project framework or process that is repeatable, a project management template will be beneficial for that. From the simplest process to the more complex ones, using templates will help you achieve consistency and efficiency.

If you’re wondering where to start using project management templates on, here are some ideas.

Product Development

  • Product Discovery and Ideation
  • Product Development and Delivery
  • Release Planning
  • Product Maintenance
  • Product Roadmap


  • Product Launch
  • Event Planning
  • Rebranding
  • Campaign planning

Client Support

  • Client Onboarding
  • Issue Resolution
  • Service Delivery Planning
  • Change Request Management

And more…

  • Budget Management
  • Project Timelines
  • Creative Design
  • Manufacturing Processes

There are more areas where you can utilize project management templates. When you find that you’re repeating things across projects, it’s high time to consider making a template for it and start your projects with ease.

Kanban Board Templates

More businesses are seeing the benefits of Kanban for project management and are maximizing this method to their advantage. Process-based project management templates are more often seen in the form of Kanban boards. It’s visual, highly collaborative, and reinforces continuous improvement. But instead of creating Kanban boards from scratch, why not create a template?

Better yet, if you’re using an online Kanban board tool, you can leverage its Kanban board templates. At Kanban Zone, we’re constantly creating templates that will help teams quickly spin up projects. Although these project management templates are pre-built, teams can easily customize them to suit their process better. It’s still faster than doing things from scratch.

If you’re not taking advantage of using templates then you’re missing out on the many benefits. Start enjoying the ease and efficiency of using project management templates and supercharge your project’s success.

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