How does a Kanban Coach keep their kids focused when they are required to attend online classes?

The Answer is: You build a Kanban board of course!!

Online classes you say, no problem I say. And so a Kanban board was built.

Using the power of Kanban, I immediately created a simple Kanban board for my daughter to help her focus and stay on track with her online classes over the coming weeks


As you can see, the board is simple.

We agreed to some ground rules like 7am breakfast time followed by reviewing the days’ assignments and making a daily plan.

Using the power of Recurring Cards – each morning at 6am a card magically appears on the board with the daily checklist of the classes that need to be completed. As Tia completes her work, she checks off each task. When the card is completed, the card is then moved to the Done column on the board.


What about upcoming assignments that need to be completed?

Got that covered too!! We created card labels for the various types of work that may have to flow on her Kanban Board.

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Since Tia is an administrator of her own board, she decided which label colors to use. You can see she favors the pinks and purples :-)


Daily Planning Activities

As part of her daily plan, Tia is responsible for adding any additional cards like Test/Quiz, Project cards. When she adds those types of cards, she is responsible for adding a due date so that the card clearly shows in the backlog when it needs to be completed. This ensures she will be able to prioritize the work needing to be done.

Backlog-for-upcoming-assignments-Kanban-Zone (2)

Last But Certainly Not Least

What is the purpose of the resource cards? We created a documentation column on Tia’s board. This column contains cards that do not move on her board, they are simply cards that contain information for her to use to complete her required work. For Tia, each teacher supplied some information on how to access their assignments, codes to use and important links. We created a resource card and placed it in the documentation column for each class. That way she has quick access to all the information she may need to keep her focused.

Resource-Card-Classes-Kanban-Zone (2)

Great Learning Opportunity

This is a great opportunity to teach your kids how to become organized and focused. It was a fun exercise and I can clearly see that Tia is completing the work she needs to.

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