We listed Kanban Zone on G2 just a few months ago and since then our scores based on customer reviews have continuously moved us towards the Leaders quadrant. It’s with great pleasure that we share this G2 Grid screenshot below to capture this important moment in time for our company, but also for anyone seeking the best Kanban Software… We are the leader!

G2 Grid for Kanban Software

A Thank You to Our Customers

A big thank you to our customers for posting these reviews and we are looking forward to more honest reviews. You will see that exceptional customer service is one of the key reasons for our high score. We regularly survey our members to provide feedback, request features and just talk with us. We believe that the best Kanban solution must continuously improve based on open feedback from real customers and Kanban experts.

Staying the Leader in Kanban

Access the real-time G2 Grid to track the latest scores. We expect that this grid will evolve over time, and we fully intend to continue making our customers happy and stay in the Leaders quadrant. We are so confident about our solution that we created our own Kanban software comparison page. Our mission is to save you time by seeing exactly why Kanban Zone is the ideal solution.

Try Kanban Zone For Yourself

If you haven’t experienced Kanban Zone yet, start your free trial so you can too focus on the right work, at the right time. Let us help you achieve your goals faster, with the ideal online Kanban tool and a dedicated team of Agile, Lean and Kanban experts ready to help you when you need it.

We are looking forward to providing everything you need and to build a relationship that makes us both more successful.

Thank you again to our customers for making Kanban Zone the #1 Kanban software.

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About the Author: Dimitri Ponomareff

Kanban Coach Dimitri Ponomareff
Dimitri Ponomareff is a Coach. Transforming organizations to deliver value faster since 2005, using Agile, Scrum/XP first, and then blending Lean and Kanban. Dimitri has the ability to relate and energize people. He is consistently recognized as a very passionate and successful change agent, with an overwhelming capacity to motivate and mobilize teams on their path to continuous improvements.

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