Project management is a big task to take on, even for those who have a proven track record in successfully handling a large-scale project. More than just managing workflow, it also involves managing resources and making sure that they are used accordingly. When it comes to improving processes and managing projects, it’s important that you make use of the right tools to help you visualize your workflow. This will help you make the most of the time and effort that you spend on your tasks. And to do that, it’s important that you know a thing or two about workflow automation.

What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow Process

Workflow automation is the process of devising, performing and automating your tasks and processes based on the workflow established for your organization. Through workflow automation and by using the right set of workflow automation tools, you can optimize your business processes and improve your team’s overall efficiency and productivity. 

The way you automate your business processes can vary. It will depend on the nature of your business and the tasks that you need to accomplish individually and as a team. But with so many workflow software available nowadays, many of which are web-based, you can easily choose an online project management tool that best suits your business.

Maximize Your Time with Business Automation

Time Management

Once you have defined the right workflow automation software to use, it’s time that you identify the processes that you need to automate. Keep in mind that to be successful as a business, process efficiency is key. The way you use your time as part of your resources can impact how you run your business. With that, you should see to it that you streamline your processes to maximize your time. Here are some ways you can make the most of your hours through business automation processes such as Kanban Zone.

1. Daily Work Routines and Other Repetitive Tasks

No matter what industry you are in, you are sure to have many routines that you need to accomplish daily. If you are a team manager, one of your daily tasks will be to always remind your members of their daily goals. Whether you do it by scheduling a short meeting, by posting on discussion boards or by sending out individual reminders, these are tasks that you can easily automate. 

For these types of repetitive tasks, an automated Kanban system such as Kanban Zone can come in very handy. Through the Kanban system, you can easily add a column and create Kanban cards that will serve as the team’s daily tasks reminder. You can also utilize the Kanban card’s checklist and priority features to enumerate your team members’ tasks and identify which tasks they need to prioritize.


2. Team Communications

Another thing that can eat up your time is your communications with your team members. Primarily, there are two types of communications applicable to work teams: asynchronous and synchronous. Synchronous communication happens when two or more parties exchange communication real-time. On the other hand, asynchronous communication refers to those that don’t get instantaneous responses. For asynchronous communications that are relevant to assigning tasks, it’s better to just create a Kanban card to better delegate tasks. This will make it easier for you to specify the details of assignments, especially for urgent tasks.

Workflow automation tools will make it easier for you to update your team members if a specific task has moved to the next stage. Kanban boards can also make it easier to automate the involvement of your team members as part of the workflow. By automating such asynchronous communications, you won’t have to constantly be guarding a project just to make sure that each process flows smoothly and continuously from one step to the next.

Remote Work Policy - Communication and Collaboration

3. Generate Accurate Reports

Another great benefit of using online workflow solutions for small business is that report generation can be easily done. With Kanban Zone, any member of the team who has access to the board can easily generate a report through the Reports button on the top right corner. With Kanban Zone’s Reports section, you can choose to generate different types of reports, based on Allocation, Cumulative Flow, Cycle Time and Throughput. You can also view by labels, priority and size.


Scaling Projects with Business Process Workflow Automation

Apart from streamlining your processes through workflow automation, it’s also essential that you apply useful measures when it comes to scaling projects. If you are planning to grow your business and add in more people into the team, then you should understand the need to better manage a bigger team.

To be able to organize your tasks and distribute them efficiently to your team members, creating a Kanban board that automates tasks at each stage can be very beneficial. If you want to make sure that your processes are easily followed through and that your team accomplishes their assignments within the deadline, Kanban automation can improve the way you manage your team’s productivity.

So whether it’s for project or resource scaling, making use of an online project management tool like Kanban Zone can be the best approach for you to manage your projects and streamline your processes.

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