5 Key Management Skills How to Show Them on Your Resume

Managers are expected to have unique skills that will make them more responsible and apt for mentoring a team. Say you are applying for a position related to a managerial role or job positions requiring you to exhibit managerial skills. In that case, you will have to draft a resume highlighting your management skills. 

When applying for a position, a recruiter hardly spends five to seven seconds on each resume. So that is your time to impress the hiring manager. You can increase your chances of getting selected by highlighting key managerial skills and strategically putting them in your resume.  

This article will help you pick out the right management skills and emphasize them on your resume to get an inch closer to your dream job. 

What are management skills?

Before we discuss different management skills to mention in the resume, let’s understand what management skills are. People use their management skills to plan and oversee projects and teams under them. 

These skills can be easily learned with proper practice. There are two types of management skills — interpersonal or soft skills and technical skills. Interpersonal skills are the ability to communicate and interact well with other people. On the other hand, technical skills develop the management ability and help them to coach the members. 

Here are a few key management skills:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Organization
  • Public speaking
  • Decision making
  • Innovation

If you are creating an IT manager resume or any other managerial resume, you will have to explain and list those skills in the resume. But it will not be enough if you just list it in your resume; you must show how you have used the skills to scale up the ladder in your profession. 

5 key management skills and how to show them on your resume

The basic idea is to show your skills and not tell them. Instead of telling you have leadership skills, you can show them by explaining that you have led a team in agile tactics to complete two projects in two months. Similarly, you can show how you have explained the skills in empathy, planning, and others. Below are 5 management skills and how you can show them.

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1. Leadership

Leadership is one of the crucial management skills, and it is also vital that you mention it in your resume. Often people mention that they have leadership skills under the skills section in their resume. However, one mention of the term alone will not help the recruiter understand your skill. You can either mention how you have developed leadership skills after mentioning the skill or explain it in your work experience.


  1. Leadership Skill – Have been the head of the social media team and led them to create content and launch two major campaigns that resulted in an 80% more conversion rate.
  2. Social Media Manager – Oversaw a group of 30 individuals and coordinated with them in working social media campaigns and planning weekly schedules.

For a better demonstration of your leadership skills you can use these cover letter examples that will highlight your experience and help you get your desired position.

2. Empathy

A good team is one that is led by someone who has empathy. It is vital to step into others’ shoes and analyze the problem. When a manager is delegating work or leading a team, they should be able to understand the team member’s feelings. So mentioning this in your resume will always win you brownie points.

Example: Developed a solid team facilitating close communication and cooperation among the team members. Held team meetings to discuss possible opportunities and outcome delivery before delegating work.

3. Communication

Communication is the key to any job you take up. The need and necessity to demonstrate effective communication increases with a managerial role. Recruiters check whether you can communicate efficiently and adequately with different teams. It is one of the significant aspects as you will be working with the teams, communicating projects, errors, deadlines, and others.

Example: Have closed three national deals in seven months, performed major cold-calling outreach, and increased the results by 17% in a year.

4. Planning

Being organized and managing time are two important management qualities. By planning and charting out the schedules beforehand, you can always stay ahead of the impending deadlines. As a manager, you will have to plan and take initiatives that show how future-oriented and goal-driven you are. For instance, you can use a Kanban board to schedule your weekly work and have one place for your team’s communication and storage needs. Kanban Zone will help you plan and schedule meetings and delegate work well ahead of time.

Example: Solved the stock storage issues in the company by supervising and drafting a storage-driven plan for raw material orders that helped boost supply by 5%.

5. Problem-solving

Problem-solving is a skill that everyone needs to excel in a job. In fact, for managerial positions, it becomes a regular work routine. As leaders, managers should be able to resolve issues at the grassroots level and mitigate the risks. It is vital to use the available resources and lessen or tackle the obstacles.

Example: Identified a significant issue with troubleshooting and maintenance of information storage systems and analyzed the key factors to create a better calendar and secure storage.

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