How to Successfully Implement Your CRM Project 5 Key Questions

It can be hard to track all your customers, details, and inquiries. You will also have difficulties using the conventional spreadsheet system. We recommend using a management app that applies the tested Kanban approach.

Imagine your business starting from scratch: You can use various simple tools to record all your customers and transactions. For example, beginning to implement the Kanban system allows you to manage the workflow of all your employees. 

Many big and small businesses have started using various management software applications like Kanban!

What is the Purpose of CRM?

CRM is the term for Customer Relationship Management. It is a software application or system allowing businesses to track all transactions. Another purpose of CRM is to improve a company’s and its clients’ relationships. 

Modern CRM applications function as Client Management Platforms. Today, you can apply for a new CRM system. All you have to do is a CRM migration process which covers transferring all previous data and records to a new CRM tool. Although CRM migration is complex, a new CRM application will provide a central database for all your customer information, inquiries, and transactions. 

How can Kanban Help with your business?

Any CRM app will become an essential tool for an existing business. It replaces many spreadsheets, apps, and databases you must patch together to form a customer profile. On top of that, excellent management apps like Kanban smoothen the workflow of your daily tasks. It will be easier for you to assign new functions while ensuring all your targets are met!

Kanban simplifies your entire workflow with the help of digital post-it cards. It invites collaboration between all your departments. Furthermore, you can unclog your old system filled with unfinished tasks and paused projects. Monitoring the progress of your entire team is possible once you use the Kanban management app. 

One of the benefits of applying a new management software like Kanban is nurturing relationships. 

Can Kanban Help Achieve my CRM Goals?

If you want to improve relationships with your clients – applying the principle of Kanban is an excellent method of accomplishing your objectives.

Conventional spreadsheets can be helpful if you are building a small company from scratch. Concerning customer details, all you have to record are their name, email, phone number, address, website, company name, Etc. Many entrepreneurs realize their business’s growth and the apps that can assist them. 

Today, it will be easier for your workforce to track customer relationships with the help of the Kanban board. The columns of the Kanban board called swimlanes lets you transfer Kanban cards, each with a given task. You can apply this system by filling these cards with customer details, inquiries, and tasks concerning a particular client. 

But how will you successfully implement Kanban as CRM software? Here are 5 Key Questions to ask yourself: 

Are my Business Goals Realistic? 

You can consider your business lost if you do not have specific goals. It is why we recommend creating a list of objectives that are achievable and require a practical approach. After determining realistic goals your business can reach, implementing and modifying the cards inside your Kanban board will be easier until you complete its progress.  

Is it the right solution for my business? 

A Kanban-based CRM system offers you a variety of tools, features, and options for maintaining and improving client relationships. After figuring out a mission statement, you can proceed with implementing various steps for monitoring the status of each task. 

Who can help me implement a new Kanban-based CRM project? 

Finalizing a CRM application perfect for your business belongs to the first few steps with its implementation. You have to handpick a few members of your business with the experience and knowledge of using a new CRM software. The team you assemble will be responsible for accomplishing daily tasks, teaching other departments, and maintaining the CRM application. 

How will I transfer data to a new Kanban-based CRM software? 

You might have piles of data, spreadsheets, and records about all your past or current customer transactions. Transferring all your data into your new Kanban software is called CRM migration. When sharing information, CRM migration is entirely different and more complex than typical methods of performing transitions. 

Is my team ready?

After testing how Kanban is applicable as CRM software, you can start assembling a team and completing the data migration process. The next step is ensuring your team is ready to use it daily. Testing a new CRM project involves the team responsible for its implementation. You can start training other staff members once the new system is ready to go online with your business. 


CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management. Implementing a CRM project based on the Kanban concept requires your mission statement, team, and training of all your staff members on how to use the new system properly. You can then begin nurturing customer relationships, recording details, and communicating with leads and potential customers.

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