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When you’re reaching out to new clients, you have a split second to make an impression. Poor outreach emails will alienate leads, damaging your chances of making a sale. On the other hand, cold-call emails can be a valuable tool for reaching out to new markets. So should you take the risk? By targeting your emails to the right individuals, building rapport and offering value within your emails you can find new clients this way every day. Read on to discover how to improve your email outreach strategy to win new clients.

1) Find the Ideal Clients

Identifying the right individuals and organizations is the first step you should take to find and win new clients who will actually engage with your products and services. In B2B, it’s especially important to use key characteristics to determine who is likely to become a buyer for your service and which leads are going to be dead ends.

Rather than making an attempt at turning your organization into a perfect fit for every client, lean in to your specialties and own your skillset. Then identify targets who can benefit from employing you and that precise skillset. It will also be a good idea to save and organize your prospects’ information. For this, a sales process Kanban board can come in very handy. Simply create individual Kanban cards for each of your prospects and record their details and contact information. Through this technique, you’ll have a better hit rate whilst also pursuing your passion. Organizations will have good experiences putting your skills to use which can build long-standing relationships in the marketplace.

2) Don’t Waste Time With Middlemen

Once you’ve identified a business which could benefit from implementing the skills you’ve spent years honing to perfection, you want to jump right in with the decision maker. In every organization, there are a few individuals at middle and upper-level management who are empowered to make big calls on issuing contracts. Finding a straight shot to these individuals will dramatically increase your chances for success.

LinkedIn can be a great resource for putting you in touch with the right people. Making direct contact doesn’t just save you time jumping through hoops persuading people who can’t actually make the call, it also demonstrates to organizations that you’re a serious player. To win new clients, it’s best to reach out to the right person.

3) Hacking Emails

OK, don’t actually hack anyone – that could get you into trouble. But often, the contact details of the individuals you really want to talk to aren’t publicly available – after all, these are the men and women of the business world for whom time is money. Luckily, with a few pieces of information you can often make direct contact with these empowered individuals to be able to win new clients.

Email addresses generally follow a template – firstname@companyurl.com, firstname.lastname@companyurl.com, for example. Combine your best guesses with Chrome add-ons such as Rapportive, which function as an informative address book, and you’ll often hit the mark.

4) Engage Your Recipient with a Value Strategy

The recipients of your email are typically used to being sold to, and they’re very used to saying no. Before you launch into the sales pitch, it’s vital that you create a connection and offer them some value. Not only does this connection then strengthen their resolve to purchase your services, it also demonstrates a fundamental respect for their position – you’re not wasting anyone’s time.

The value you can offer depends on your services, but most commonly if you can identify a pain point within the industry, and offer a solution, you’ll be onto a winner.

5) Follow Up Without Being Pushy

Not everyone hooks the line on the first try. Often, you’ll need to send a follow up email to really get their attention and win new clients. With this in mind, it can pay off to not be too salesy in your first email, as you know you’ll get a second chance to push your pitch.

A great response is to suggest a quick chat or call to discuss the ideas you detailed in your initial message. By creating the time and the space for your prospect to learn more about your offer, you’re building a relationship of trust and respect.

6) Manage Your Prospects

Identifying the right potential clients, drafting emails and following up creates a complex workflow where timing is everything. To manage this process, implementing a Kanban board throughout your lead generation process can help improve and visualize your workflow, bringing intuitive order and efficiency to your email management. Kanban boards can help you avoid redundancies, such as reaching out to the same organization twice through two individuals. With it, you can also keep track of your work-in-progress and be able to follow up whenever necessary. This practice enables you to get more done in less time, helping you win new clients faster and more efficiently.

Wrapping Up

To be able to find and win new clients by email, you should be ready to exert a lot of effort. This undertaking can be intimidating at first, especially since nobody likes a cold call. However, there are prospects out there just waiting to be entranced by your content-packed, targeted emails. If you are looking for ways to improve your email marketing workflow and become more efficient in contacting your business prospects, check out Kanban Zone. This project management tool can help you organize your whole email marketing strategy and win more clients for your business.

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