Project management can be a very challenging role to fulfill, especially if you are not very experienced. With more and more businesses switching to remote or hybrid work style these days, the need for reliable project managers is also on the rise. In fact, according to a talent gap analysis report from Project Management Institute (PMI), the demand for project managers will continue to increase over the next 10 years. If you want to take advantage of this growing need for project managers, you’d better get started improving your project management skills. The good thing is there is now a large selection of tools and references available on the internet, including various project management books for beginners. So if you are just getting started in project management, then it’s best for you to get advice and tips from some of the best people in the industry through the guides and references they have made available online.

10 Must-Have Project Management Books

There’s lots of advice to be had in project management books, so here we have gathered the top ten books for you to check out and add to your collection of useful references on managing projects, big and small.

The Fast Forward MBA In Project Management by Eric Verzuh

project management books - The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, 4th Edition

This book is considered to be one of the best for anyone getting started in project management. It’s had regular revisions too, with the latest one being in 2015. You’ll find things like tips for MS Project in here, as well as forms and spreadsheets, and info on topics like agile techniques. 

Project Management Absolute Beginners’ Guide by Gregory Horine

project management books - Project Management Absolute Beginners' Guide by Gregory Horine

As the title says, this is another excellent book for newcomers to project management. It helps you get started as a project manager with all the tips and tricks you’ll need. You’ll find information about the whole process cycle, especially the planning, control and execution of any project. 

Project Management: A Systems Approach To Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling by Harold Kerzner Ph.D

project management systems - Project Management A Systems Approach To Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling

This book is the literal textbook for project management, used by students studying for certification. It’s incredibly comprehensive, covering all kinds of different processes. It’s also aligned with the PMI Body of Knowledge reference, too. 

Project Management Lite: Just Enough To Get The Job Done… Nothing More by Juana Clark Craig

project management books - Project Management Lite Just Enough To Get The Job Done... Nothing More

This book is designed for those who have found themselves thrust into the position of project manager by accident, or those who are just managing one project. It’s perfect for them as it uses plain language, leaving out all the usual jargon that you’ll find in other texts. That makes it easier to understand, and you’ll get a lot of value from it. 

Brilliant Project Management: What The Best Project Managers Know, Do and Say by Stephen Barker and Rob Cole

project management books - Brilliant Project Management What The Best Project Managers Know, Do and Say

The authors of this book have 35 years of experience between them, and they use that to create a good how to guide for you. They show you what makes projects successful, how to stay on budget and schedule, and how to ensure you’re delivering what was promised. 

blog cta ebooks

project management books - Guide to Project Management Getting it right and achieving lasting benefit

This book focuses on the bigger picture when it comes to project management. Author Roberts looks at how to get stakeholders on board with a project, and how to involve everyone involved at the company. You’ll also find lots of flowcharts and diagrams to help you with projects. 

Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management by Scott Berkun

project management books - Making Things Happen Mastering Project Management Theory in Practice

Berkun was a software project leader for a decade, so has tons of experience to share with you here. He covers lots of different topics like scheduling, leadership, strategy and more in a series of essays here. 

Project Management For Non Project Managers by Jack Ferrano

project management books - Project Management for Non-project Managers

This is another book that helps those who don’t normally project manage understand what’s needed of them. In this book, you’ll find a practical guide to project management that helps you get the job done. 

Strategic Project Management Made Simple – Practical Tools For Leaders And Teams by Terry Schimdt

project management books - Strategic Project Management Made Simple Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams

While this book was released back in 2009, it still has a lot of relevant info for project managers. It encourages the reader to ask the important questions before getting into a project, to ensure that they get started on the right foot. You’ll also find practical tips for managing a project, from beginning to end. 

Project Management Jumpstart by Kim Heldman

project management books - Project Management JumpStart

This is a book that’s often recommended to new project managers, to help them get to grips with what’s required of them. It has all the best introductory guides, so you can understand all of the fundamentals involved in project management.

These are 10 of the best books out there on project management right now. There’s a wealth of knowledge out there, so you can use it to understand how best to manage any project, and deliver a quality project on time. Pick up some of the books that are most relevant to you, and start picking the brains of the experts.

Manage Projects Better with Kanban

Whether you are new or experienced as project manager, you can do well by putting into practice the things you have learned from your project management books. To make project management more efficient for you, use Kanban as your project management methodology. As a project management tool, you can use a Kanban board to manage your tasks better and get a better handle of the project you are managing, be it big or small.

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