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A new year is a time for new and exciting beginnings. You have a lot of possibilities waiting for you, and whatever 2020 may have in store, a lot of it is under your control. So if you want to make the most out of the new year, you might want to start with your New Year’s resolutions. More than just creating your New Year’s resolution list, it’s also important that you exert extra efforts to commit to each of your resolutions. To help you do that, here are some tips on how you to stick with your new year resolutions.

Create SMART New Year’s Resolutions

A great guide to every plan that you make are all under five letters: SMART! To help you make sure that you get to commit to your resolutions properly, you should start by creating New Year’s resolutions that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Your resolutions for the new year should be direct and detailed. There should also be a way for you to measure your progress so you should set a clear definition for your success. Your resolutions should also be aligned to your values and priorities, and lastly, you should have a specific deadline or time limit as to when you should achieve them.

Focus on What’s Important


When it comes to creating your new year resolutions list, you should focus only on the things that matter to you. What changes or improvements can help improve the quality of your life? Are there any changes that you need to accomplish to help you become more efficient at work, to have more time for your family, or to organize and tidy up your belongings? The best new year resolutions are those that help you become a better version of yourself and help you achieve goals that are important to you.

Use a Kanban Board to Visualize Your Goals

Since the latest trend in project management nowadays is the use of the Kanban method, you might also find this as a perfect visualization method to help you keep track of your progress. Using the Kanban Zone, you can create separate Kanban cards for each of your resolution. Then on each card, incorporate steps, specific goals and references to help you accomplish your resolution. 


Through the aid of a project visualization board such as the Kanban Zone, you will also be able to set a deadline for each of your resolution. With your New Year’s resolution board, it will be easier for you to visualize your goals and how much you need to accomplish within a specific time frame.


Ask for a Friend’s Help

When you have a lot of pending stuff lined up in front of you, it can sometimes feel very overwhelming. But if you have someone to talk to — a friend, a family member or a loved one — who can help you focus on your goals, things can be a lot easier. Let your loved ones know that you are working on completing your resolutions for the new year and ask them to help you focus on achieving your goals.


The support of your family and friends can be a great encouragement to help you stick to your new year resolutions. And if you have made a board on Kanban Zone for your new year resolutions, you can also share the board with your friends or family to help you monitor your progress.

Reward Yourself!


Apart from creating a list of what you need to accomplish and figuring out an effective way of monitoring your progress, you might also want to set up a reward system for yourself. You may find it encouraging to know that you have something great in store for you once you achieve one of your resolutions. It can be something that you’ve always wanted to buy, a place you’ve always wanted to visit or an activity you’ve always wanted to do, as long as it will make you feel happy and motivated to achieving your goals.

No matter what new year resolutions you have, keep in mind that the only limit to what you can do is all in you. By properly organizing your new year’s resolution list and planning how you can accomplish each of your goals, you’ll be able to tick each resolution off your list in no time at all. And with Kanban Zone as your personal visualization tool, achieving your resolutions for 2020 can be a lot easier. 

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