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As the pandemic continues to change the way we do work, technology has made it easier for many companies and employees to collaborate and get things done online. Among these technological tools are a number of collaboration solutions that allow businesses to remain operational by supporting the need of many professionals to work together virtually. As we are nearing the end of 2020, CIO Review created a list of the Top Ten Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers, which includes Kanban Zone.

What is a Collaboration Solution?

Any software that allows communication and collaboration between different parties is considered a collaboration solution. There are different types of collaboration solutions available online. From chat, video conference and file sharing apps to team presence and project management tools. Among these types, Kanban Zone falls under the project management apps.

Kanban Zone: One of CIO Review’s Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers

How Can Kanban Improve Collaboration?

As a virtual Kanban board, Kanban Zone makes it easier for project managers and team members to work together and accomplish their goals. The Kanban methodology offers its users the following benefits.

1. Delegate tasks

Through the use of Kanban boards and cards, a project manager who uses Kanban can easily delegate tasks to his team members and monitor how the task is moving along. This also makes it easier for everyone in the team to check every task delegated to each team member, and easily inform the project manager of the status of the project they are currently assigned to.

2. Visualize work easily

Kanban, in Japanese, means signboard. And just like a signboard, a Kanban board is designed to visualize something. A signboard is designed to make it easy for people to visualize, usually, the name and purpose of a business, while a Kanban board is designed to help teams visualize the work that is waiting for them.

3. Eliminate wasteful activities

With easier delegation and better visibility of work, teams can handle their work better and minimize, or better yet, eliminate wasteful activities. A virtual Kanban board allows team members to focus on tasks that matter and avoid wasting time and other resources on things that are not productive.

4. Collaborate with team mates real time

With most work now done remotely, collaboration solution providers such as Kanban Zone, makes it easier for teams to work together in real time. This makes it easier for team leaders to handle projects as real time responses are possible, and the need to wait for updates from a certain task will be less.

5. Maintain productivity and efficiency

With a collaboration solution such as a Kanban board, many businesses are finding it easier to boost the efficiency and productivity of their team members. By properly implementing the principles of Kanban, teams will be able to work more efficiently to accomplish tasks and achieve a common goal.

Kanban Zone as a Collaboration Solution Provider

As one of the most promising collaboration solution providers, Kanban Zone can provide businesses with the knowledge and the platform to manage projects effectively. With a team of Kanban and Agile coaches, Kanban Zone is dedicated to helping companies get work done in the most efficient manner.

Create Effective Collaborations through Kanban Zone

Through Kanban Zone’s board templates, coaching services, tutorials and knowledge resources, you and your team can prepare to be more productive and efficient. As a collaboration solution provider, Kanban Zone can help you make the most of the Kanban software through the available board templates and card features, get work flowing from To-Do to Done, and continuously improve your board to help you become a more effective Kanban team.

cio review award for Kanban Zone as Most Promising Collaboration Solution Provider 2020

Kanban Zone is honored to be selected as one of CIO Review’s Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers for 2020. This serves as a motivation for our team to continuously provide a platform for companies to collaborate better and accomplish more goals, especially during these challenging times. We hope to keep supporting the community of Kanban users who are finding the beauty of learning this practice and making the most of its use.

About the Author: Christine Joy Leal

Christine Joy Leal is an experienced freelance writer and content manager, a happy wife and a mother to two daughters, two dogs and two cats. She loves keeping things in order and enjoys using the Kanban and Agile methodologies to manage all her writing projects, daily tasks, and other personal matters that require efficient organization. Apart from managing her busy content writing career, she also enjoys board and online games, movies, TV shows, and crocheting. She also maintains a blog about her work as a freelance content writer.

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