To maintain your efficiency at work, be it in the office or at home, it’s important that you manage your tasks efficiently. In fact, as our technology continuously evolves and becomes a common part of our daily lives, many lean and agile enthusiasts have found ways to improve task and project management in various ways. Nowadays, the internet is filled with various tools and methodologies that promise to improve efficiency and help us manage workflows and projects better. But so far, the use of a visual project management software has proven to be more effective. In fact, visual learning is 80% more effective than any other forms, supporting the fact that visual project management is a great way of organizing and managing tasks to improve productivity.

Visual Project Management Software Benefits

When it comes to optimizing processes, a visual project management software can be very useful. It offers a variety of benefits that each team member and the whole organization can benefit from. Here are some of the benefits that you can reap from visual management tools such as a Kanban board.

1. Personal Productivity

If you are collaborating in a project, you are sure to have your own assignments that you need to accomplish. In order to efficiently do so, you will need to keep all of your tasks in order. And for this, a visual project management software like Kanban Zone can be very helpful. More than just your current project, you may probably have other things that you need to accomplish. It can be an important chore, a bill that you need to pay, or a meeting with a friend. By using a Kanban board, it will be easier for you to commit to all your tasks and get them done right and on time.

2. Time Management

Whenever handling a project, it’s sometimes stressful to think of the limited time that you have left to complete all of your tasks. But with a visual project management software, it will be easier for you to go through each task based on their priorities and manage your time based on the number of tasks that you need to accomplish. Through Kanban project management, you’ll be able to understand which tasks to focus on first and easily avoid wasting time as you can see all the tasks that you have lined up.

3. Project Planning

Another one of the many benefits of visual management is the efficiency of project planning. Because most visual project management software are now online, it is now easier to share your project plans with your collaborators. In fact, through Kanban Zone, you can even create plans while on the go. You can also give your teammates Collaborator access to be able to add in their ideas through comments or by creating Kanban cards.

4. Team Management and Productivity

A visual project management software can also help you find ways to efficiently delegate and monitor tasks you assign to your team members. Through visual project management, you’ll be able to check how productive your team members are and how long it usually takes for them to accomplish tasks. You can generate reports to help you easily analyze your team’s overall productivity.

5. Process Monitoring

Another important aspect of managing projects is to identify if your team members are following your business processes correctly. To some businesses, strict compliance of processes is necessary, and with a Kanban board, it’ll be easy to monitor if each specific task and every team member of your team follows your workflow to the T. By building a Kanban board, you can easily check how each task went from one column to the next.

6. Collaboration and Communication

To accomplish projects, especially large ones, it’s important that you collaborate and communicate with your team. Maintaining healthy communication with your team can help improve your collaboration and improve your team’s overall productivity. By using visual project management software you can easily communicate and work with your team.

7. Resource Sharing

One more thing that makes a visual project management software handy is that it makes sharing information very easy. If you find a website, a document or any type of reference that may come in handy for your project, you can easily add it onto a relevant card. By doing so, your teammates will be able to access the resource you have shared.


8. Task Updates

Another great benefit of visual project management is that everyone in the team can get updates on every single task being completed by your teammates. Every new task added, updated or accomplished will be easily visible and accessible to everyone. Team members will also get notifications for each activity done on each card in the team’s Kanban board.


Kanban Zone as Your Visual Project Management Software

As a visual project management software, Kanban Zone has made it easy for many teams to collaborate more efficiently. As essential as project completion is a team’s ability to optimize their workflow. So if you are looking for a visual project management tool that will help you improve your team’s productivity and efficiency, make Kanban Zone your primary project management software.

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