Whether you work in the office or at home, it’s important that you also get to spend time with your family and loved ones doing non-work related stuff. Getting all of your work done is important, but so is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. But not everyone, especially workaholic people, knows how to maintain a balance between work and personal life. The good thing is that it’s never too late to start learning new things, especially if it will help you live your life to the fullest. Check out these steps to maintain work-life balance and start living a better life.

1. Take your breaks on time

Work breaks are meant to help you maintain a healthy state of mind and body. Make the most of them by spending your break times to recharge your brain and recondition yourself. Use your break time to relax or take a quick nap, grab a healthy meal, stretch, meditate or enjoy a short chat with your friends. This way, you get to ease stress a little and take your mind off of things that might be stressing you at work.

2. Maintain a balanced diet

Never underestimate the benefits of a complete and balanced meal. By eating healthy meals, you get to acquire all the essential nutrients your body will need for it to function accordingly. The vitamins and minerals that you get from these healthy meals are also important for your body to ward off health problems, diseases, and malnourishment. A balanced meal will also provide you with sufficient energy, help you maintain a healthy body weight and improve your overall body functions.

3. Exercise regularly

exercise regularly

Sitting for long periods of time can cause a number of health problems, such as obesity, back pains, high blood pressure, and sugar levels, abnormal cholesterol levels and more. This is why no matter how busy you are at work, it’s still important that you find time to exercise to help you maintain work-life balance. There are a number of quick workout guides and videos online that will only take around 20 to 25 minutes out of your busy schedule. These short total body workouts are enough to help get your blood pumping and stay active daily.

4. Spend time with your family and friends

Apart from staying physically healthy, it’s also important that you not forget about your mental health. The best way to keep yourself safe from mental problems is by staying connected with your loved ones. This is also why it’s important that you maintain work-life balance at all times, as it will help keep you away from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental illnesses that might be triggered by overworking and isolating yourself from people that care about you. Talking to your friends and family can also help you release any tension that you may be carrying all on your own. Sharing your thoughts with people you care about is a great way to feel relaxed and stay mentally healthy no matter how hectic or stressful your work may be.

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5. Get a healthy amount of sleep

A regular good night’s sleep should be an integral part of your strategies to maintain work-life balance. At least 7 to 9 hours of sleep is recommended for most healthy adults to function well the next day. It can also help lower your blood pressure by helping your body recover from the stresses it has been through during the day. With enough sleep, you also get to be in a better mood and will feel more energetic and productive the next day, helping you accomplish more tasks and be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

6. Find a hobby


Another way to help you maintain work-life balance and de-stress after a long day’s work is by pursuing a hobby. Find something that you are passionate about and take time to pursue it. It can be a collection of things you love, gardening, arts and crafts, dancing, video games or anything that piques your interest or fuels your passion. It’s a nice way for you to keep your mind busy without thinking a lot about your deadlines at work. Finding something that you love doing can bring a sense of fun and fulfillment into your life and help minimize the effects of stress from work.

7. Set your work hours and stick to them

Sometimes, your ability to maintain work-life balance relies on your time management. Being able to manage your time between work and other things in life is important as this can be the key for you to accomplish more of your work in a shorter span of time, giving you more free time to handle more important things in your personal life. Nowadays, the key to making the most of your life is working smarter, not harder. By using productivity and task management tools, you’ll be able to focus better and follow your work hours more strictly. This way, you can finish early and spend more quality time with yourself or with your loved ones.

8. Set up a proper workspace

Your workspace is key to your productivity. With a proper and ergonomically-designed workstation, you can be more effective at work and be able to accomplish more tasks faster. By maintaining a well-lit and properly organized workspace, you can optimize your productivity and be able to free up as much time as possible, which you can then allot to other things that you’d like to do, like spend time with your loved ones, your hobby or your exercise or health and beauty regimen.

9. Organize your daily tasks

Another important thing you can do to maintain work-life balance is by organizing all of your daily tasks. Creating a list of all your tasks and putting them in the proper order can help you make the most use of your time at work. One way to help you organize your tasks is by using a virtual Kanban board such as Kanban Zone, wherein you can easily create individual cards for each of your tasks and keep track of how they are moving from your To-Do list to your Done list. Organizing your tasks can also help you prepare mentally on how much your workload will be on a daily basis.


Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to find jobs with work-life balance, but this will still depend on your ability to handle your work well without sacrificing your time for yourself and your loved ones. By following these work-life balance tips, you will find it much easier to get on with life without getting overworked. Remember that balance is still the key to living a happier and more meaningful life. By embracing the importance of a work-life balance, only then will you be able to make the most of your life daily.

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About the Author: Christine Joy Leal

Christine Joy Leal is an experienced freelance writer and content manager, a happy wife and a mother to two daughters, two dogs and two cats. She loves keeping things in order and enjoys using the Kanban and Agile methodologies to manage all her writing projects, daily tasks, and other personal matters that require efficient organization. Apart from managing her busy content writing career, she also enjoys board and online games, movies, TV shows, and crocheting. She also maintains a blog about her work as a freelance content writer.