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Christmas is definitely one of the busiest holidays all across the globe. In the United States alone, a recent survey has shown that 90% of Americans celebrate this holiday. Be it in the office, at home, in school, or even in hospitals, you will always find people rushing through the holidays, trying to get their Christmas preparations in order. 

If you want to make sure that your Christmas planning goes without a hitch, why not make use of a visual project management tool to make it easy for you to organize everything? If you think a Kanban Christmas preparation is something that you’d like to try, here are five holiday preps that you can easily accomplish using a Kanban board.

1. Preparing and Checking Your Gift List

Christmas Gifts List

Making your gift list and checking it twice can be tedious, especially if you have a lot of people to give gifts to. To make sure that you got everyone covered and bought all the right gifts, a Kanban Christmas gift list is what you need. You can create a Kanban board to organize your gift list starting with a To Buy column followed by a To Wrap, and then a Ready column. You can also add another column to help you monitor which gifts you have already given.

Start by filling up the To Buy column with each person you’re planning to buy, and add on each card the name of the recipient of each person. Once you have purchased the items on the list, you can simply move the respective Kanban cards to the To Wrap column, in case they still need wrapping, or to the Ready column once the gifts are all set for gifting.

2. Arranging Your Holiday Party

Christmas Party

One thing in particular that you will have to be ready for are holiday parties. Whether or not you are hosting them, you can definitely expect things to be busy in time for the holidays. And in case you are the one planning the party, then you might want to proceed with a Kanban Christmas planning strategy to get everything in order.

Planning a holiday party can be more complex than just preparing and monitoring your gift list. But by using a visual project management board, it’ll be less stressful to get everything done in time for your event. To start, it’s best that you prepare a list of your guests, party games (if you plan to do any), food, party props, venue options (if you’re planning a big party), and more.

By listing everything that you need to do on your Kanban Christmas party board, you can easily monitor what tasks you need to accomplish, what you need to prioritize, and even list out your theme or party decor ideas.

3. Kanban Christmas Shopping List

Christmas Shopping

Christmas sales are everywhere! If you are planning to get your hands on some sale items from your favorite store or just do some last minute shopping for gifts and as a part of your party preparation, a Kanban Christmas shopping list can definitely help you get everything in order. But since agile tools like Kanban Zone are cloud-based, you can use them anytime, anywhere.

You can even carry your list to the grocery store to make sure that you don’t forget everything that you need to buy in time for the holidays. So whether you are buying gifts, buying groceries, or just shopping for some sales items that you have always wanted to buy, your Kanban Christmas shopping list can help you accomplish your shopping efficiently.

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4. Using Kanban Cards for Your Guest List


Forgetting to invite a friend or relative to your holiday party can be troubling. So if you want to make sure that you have invited everyone that you should invite to your party, then you should do your party planning with Kanban. Create individual Kanban cards for each of your guests, which you can simply drag and drop from one column to another, depending on if they have already been invited or if they have already confirmed. You can also use your Kanban Christmas party guest list to monitor who you have already sent invites to and keep track of the number of people you will be expecting in your upcoming party.

5. Planning Your Christmas Dinner Menu

Christmas Dinner

Another important matter that you need to prepare is your Christmas dinner menu. Considering that it’s the holidays, you need to make sure that you include holiday favorites in your menu. A great thing to include to your Christmas preparations with Kanban is your Christmas shopping list for your dinner. 

You can make a list of what food you will include in your Christmas dinner menu. If you will be cooking or preparing all the food in your party, you should prepare a list of what you will be buying and cooking. On the other hand, you will be ordering ready-to-eat meals for you and your guests than you can make a list of what and where to order your food from.

So whatever is keeping you busy these holidays, you might want to think about organizing your Christmas to-do stuff using some Agile and Kanban solutions, you might want to try using Kanban Zone. This cloud-based project management solution that you can use for your personal or professional organizational needs. Kanban Zone may be all you need for your Kanban Christmas planning!

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