We love sharing knowledge to help others also benefit from being more efficient using Kanban.


It’s always a pleasure to engage with Kanban practitioners around the word in the form of webinars that follow the lean coffee format, or a specific topic like building a Kanban board, setting up a Portfolio Kanban, etc…

Stay tuned for upcoming webinars…


The presentations below, which we have delivered in the format of webinars or conferences, are also great Kanban resources for individuals and teams wanting to learn more about Kanban. Contact us if you’re seeking a speaker about Kanban for your next event.

Webinar (1 hour)

ASU PM Summit 2022 – Flow Projects Across Your Organization With a Portfolio Kanban System
The Portfolio Kanban method enables organizations of any size to significantly improve process performance on every level, facilitate transparency, and accountability. Watch until the end to learn how to visualize your projects with Portfolio Kanban and much more. In this session of the ASU PM Summit 2022, our CEO, Dimitri Ponomareff explored what the method is and how a Portfolio Kanban system works. In addition, he covered the importance of the Agile mindset and Lean thinking, how to create an Agile organizational canvas, and facilitate flow.Watch the full recording and learn how to design a Portfolio Kanban system by visualizing and connecting multiple organizational levels in a single place. Gain knowledge on how to visualize your projects in a more Agile and Lean way.

Webinar (1 hour)

Kanban Zone – Kanban University Partner Webinar Series
Dimitri Ponomareff, Co-Founder and CEO of Kanban Zone will share why customers rave about the flexible board designer and the overall simplicity of using Kanban Zone. Craeg Strong the CTO of Ariel Partners and Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC) will share his experience using Kanban Zone. Joey Spooner, VP for Community Development and Product Management at Kanban University will be the moderator. Topics will include Portfolio Kanban, business agility, and organizational designs to significantly increase productivity.

Conference (1 hour)

Leveraging Kanban to Create the Agile Organization
Go beyond just IT and software for Agile by using Kanban for flowing work across your organization.

Webinar (1 hour)

Online Agile Project Management using Kanban
Learn how to create an online Portfolio Kanban system to manage multiple projects across your organization.


Include the following slides that we have used during our presentations or webinars to your Kanban resources. We made these available here to give the attendees and other individuals interested in these sessions an easy access to these topics.

Team of Kanban Coaching Experts

All our services are provided by experienced Agile and Kanban coaches. Based on your needs, we will match you with one or more coaches who will work directly with you, to assess your goals and help you achieve them faster with high levels of accountability. Our success is 100% linked with your success, so we focus on becoming your trusted partner. Our team is made up of the following Kanban coaching professionals.

Kanban Coach Dimitri Ponomareff

Dimitri Ponomareff

20+ years of IT experience as a CIO, VP, director, manager, and developer. Agile coach for 10+ years with a strong focus on Kanban and Lean IT. Passionate leader, public speaker,
and entrepreneur.

Kristen Varona, Kanban Coach at Kanban Zone

Kristen Varona

20+ years experience of n-tiered software application development spanning windows and web. Process experience as an Agile coach to help organizations transform from Waterfall and RUP to Agile.

Anthony Oden, Kanban Coach at Kanban Zone

Anthony Oden

20+ years of experience in technology, collaboration, and product development practice. Worldwide deliveries as an enterprise Agile coach applying Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and LeSS across Fortune 500 organizations.

Paul Mahoney, Kanban Coach at Kanban Zone

Paul Mahoney

25+ years in Lean/Kanban & Agile with a focus on Continuous Improvement Process for helping organizations learn, grow, and improve how they will work together. Paul shares his passion for Lean & Agile thinking as a way to build great teams and systems.

Brian Stanfill, Kanban Coach at Kanban Zone

Brian Stanfill

10+ years in software development working in large organizations. Leader, trainer, veteran, entrepreneur, and project manager with a 20-year career with the United States Air Force.

Kanban Zone - Megan Hicks

Megan Hicks

7+ years of experience in Leadership, Technology, and IT Project Management. Experienced Agile Coach with an emphasis on Scrum and Agile Transformations. Passionate about taking on the projects that no one wants and turning them around.