Kanban Board Overview

A Kanban board is used to help teams and organizations visualize their workflow. With its help, you can track and improve your work processes. The Kanban board promotes transparency, collaboration, and visibility.

When you visualize your workflow, each major step in the process is translated as a column on the board. The Kanban board contains at least three columns in its most basic configuration—To Do, In Progress, and Done. The workflow is tracked by cards moving through the columns.

Start with a simple Kanban board…

We created these free Kanban board templates to help you get started with building your own board. These templates are perfect to use as a starting point for visualizing your process with your team.

Kanban – Basic Board

The most basic among the Kanban board templates that we use to introduce Kanban to a new team is To Do, In Progress, Done. You can use it as is, or rename the In Progress column with something that reflects your own process, like Build, Develop, Produce, and so on. As you rename or add new columns, don’t forget that you are seeking to create the ideal flow on your board. To do this, each column or step should flow to the next one in succession.

Kanban Zone Basic Board. 1024x540

Kanban – Two Track Board

Use this board as a template to quickly setup multiple tracks on a single board. We use this board with teams who have two speeds or two different processes for the same team. In fact, you are not restricted to two boards. You can extend this more and customize it to best suit your team’s needs. You can use this board to separate distinct processes or group tasks according to its type.

Among our Kanban board templates, this board uses a combination of our horizontal and vertical container system to create complex boards. To create a two (or more) track board, you will need to combine a vertical container that contains horizontal containers. Learn more about building a complex board with the Kanban Zone board editor under our knowledge base.

Kanban Zone Template - 2 Track board

Kanban – MoSCoW priority

Our MoSCoW priority Kanban template illustrates how you can split a single column into multiple rows. This board template is specifically made to group your work according to its level of priority using the MoSCoW prioritization technique.

MoSCoW is a simple acronym to represent 4 levels of priority when planning work – Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, and Won’t Have. Having a board integrated with the MoSCoW levels of priorities enables you to assess at a glance what you should be working on at a point in time.

The key here is being able to set a priority for each task, add it in the necessary container, and pull from there. Ideally, you will focus first on tackling the Must Haves among the four levels. Then you move on to the Should Haves and the Could Haves, as time and resources permit.

It is recommended that you regularly review the priorities you’ve set for your tasks. There might be instances where a Could Have or a Won’t Have becomes a Should Have or a Must Have due to changes in demand or market needs, among other factors. Reviewing regularly helps ensure your tasks stay relevant and enables you to stay on track to meet your goals

Kanban Zone Template - MoSCoW Priority

These free Kanban board templates on Kanban Zone are highly flexible and can be customized according to your team’s process. We are also continuously adding new templates to save you time and to help you benefit from the versatility of Kanban Zone. If you can’t find the right template for your needs, just contact us and we will gladly create a board template to Kanban Zone that suits your needs.

Recreate your Kanban template today!

Build the ideal Kanban board and facilitate a seamless flow of work in Kanban Zone.

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Recreate your Kanban template today!

Build the ideal Kanban board and facilitate a seamless flow of work in Kanban Zone.

No credit card | No contract | No risk