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Kanban applied to Education is a great way to improve the way to learn, teach and collaborate. We partnered with L-EAF: Learning – Educational Agility Framework by offering both our software and Kanban expertise. We provide the online framework to help educational systems in continuously improving the way to learn.

Teachers, students and parents collaborate online through Kanban cards to ensure transparency and clarity on the curriculum. Districts institutions and faculties can streamline their processes by visualizing and simplifying their way of working.

Portfolio Kanban System

Embrace a visual way to orchestrate the most efficient educational system, by connecting 4 levels of Kanban boards: District, Institution, Faculty and Class.

kanban zone for education portfolio system

We provide the ideal solution for implementing the 4 pillars from the L-EAF framework.

  1. Student Agility
    Teaching agility skills, practices and values to students.
  2. Teaching Agility
    Supporting educators in their efforts to incorporate Agility into their lesson plans, focus on the delivery of a meaningful education for students.
  3. Lean-Agile Leadership
    Providing Educational Leadership a practical approach to leading Agile Educational Institutions
  4. Institutional Agility
    Supporting faculty and staff in their transition to the L-EAF Educational Delivery System’s 4/6/6 model.

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Learn more about L-EAF: Learning – Educational Agility Framework.

Whether you are a parent seeking to help your child focus on their education, or a teacher creating the ideal classroom, or an entire district orchestrating a complete educational system, Kanban Zone is the solution. Join us to improve the quality of education using Agile and Kanban.

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