Release Notes > 12/14/2018

Interface Improvements

We have been adding a lot of exciting new functionality in Kanban Zone, so we needed to improve the way to access all this functionality from the top navigation.

BeforeTop Navigation - Before


Top Navigation - After

Here is what changed:

  • All panels (board, filter, search and alerts) now show in a darker color. This will help differentiate between panels and columns when viewing a board.
    • The board panel in the top left is now a clear menu option to access your boards and create new ones.
    • The filter, search and alert panels in the top right are now clearly different than the other non-panel options in the top navigation.
  • You can now access reports directly from the new report option in the top navigation (between the option and help icons).
  • The Kanban Zone logo now links to our website and will offer down the road the ability for you to show your logo linking to the url of your choice.
  • The options menu (shown below) has been simplified to better organize and access all options.

Option Menu (before & after)

Premium Add-Ons

We now offer premium add-ons as optional advanced features to serve our customers on the Professional plan. These add-ons provide more ways to customize your Kanban Zone experience. Discover below our first premium add-ons that were developed with direct input from our customers.

1. Custom Fields

This add-on provides the ability to create your own custom fields that allows you to customize your cards to enter data that matters to you. There are 5 types of custom fields to choose from: date, dropdown, number, text or toggle. Learn more about custom fields…Examples of Custom Fields - Add-On - Kanban Zone

2. Voting on Cards

This add-on lets your members show the