After a little summer break, we are excited to announce our new Card Layout and Kanban Options which will allow you to customize the look of cards on your Kanban boards. We have also improved our Metrics area with 3 new reports and the ability to show/export the data behind ALL reports.

Improved Card Layout

The first big change and #1 customer request we have received has been related to the colored card labels. Previously, cards only showed the label color as a small badge in the top/right corner, but we’ve heard your feedback and have made the card colors more prominent and easily identifiable.

Improved Card Layout Card ColorsPreviously only open tasks for the user logged in would appear on the card. Now you can view all your open tasks by expanding the task progress bar as well as all other open tasks on the card. As always you can click the open checkbox to instantly mark a task as done.

Improved Card Layout Card Options

We have also added a card menu to quickly Move a card to the top or bottom of a column, as well as quick actions like Archive and Delete. We will be adding more quick actions in the future.

Kanban Options

Under the Kanban zone, there is a new icon called Kanban Options, situated between Settings and Metrics. Once clicked, it will permit you to customize the look of your cards on a board. Many options are now available to display (or not) on cards and we also added a new section on cards to show planned dates.

You will also notice a section to change the column width. We always design everything to work well on mobile and smaller displays, but for clients using larger displays, you can now see your cards in two larger formats by choosing 125% and 150%.