This month we launched the Summary Zone, so you can now see multiple boards in a single view. This will be a game-changer for members of Kanban Zone who work on multiple boards within an organization. We’ll explain how, and share other exciting improvements available to use right away.

It all starts from column states!

When you create a new board from a template, each column is associated with a column state (To Do, Buffer, In Progress, Done, None). Learn more about the column states…

Board Editor - 5 column states

As you modify your boards you will clearly see these brightly colored column states within the board editor, and also when viewing the board. These column states are critical because they provide the ability to combine all your boards within an organization into a single view called Summary Zone.

column states on board

To access Summary Zone, simply open your board panel and you will see at the top a new button labeled Summary Zone. Click it!!!

Summary Zone in board panel

See the big picture and focus on the right work

Once you enter the Summary Zone, you will see the cards from that board displayed using the colored column states. This view is also helpful on a single board as you can sort and filter your cards in a simple view, but once you start adding multiple boards it can become your command center to visualize all your work across multiple processes/teams, or your entire organization. Learn more about the Summary Zone…