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Special Offer for Simply Agile clients:

  • Extended 60-Day Free Trial, that’s 30 more days!
  • Complimentary coaching session
  • All premium add-ons included
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Nelson Ingle 400x560

Selfcare is a trinity of Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindfulness. Selfcare is not an instant one-time act – it’s a consistent and daily lifestyle choice! Invest in your selfcare every day – your future you will thank you!

Coach Nelson is the Founder & CEO of Simply Agile Inc. A U.S. Air Force veteran and Creator of the Predictable Outcome Model & Blueprint.

Now, you may be thinking… Coach Nelson, all that sounds amazing and exciting! But does it really work? ABSOLUTELY – Yes, it works! I have applied it personally, and you can see the results proof in my photos above.

Yes, as of December 2022, I have successfully completed 102 weeks of 7 out of 7 days a week of physical exercise daily – That’s 707+ consecutive days – I have not missed a day yet!

Simplify work.

Connect your entire organization to effectively flow work for faster project delivery times and increased team alignment.

“Kanban Zone transformed my organization.”

We were able to integrate it into our website to enhance our processes. This has greatly improved our response time.

Sc 150x150Shane Cretacci, President PMI Phoenix
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Software & Mindset for Maximum Productivity with Minimum Waste.

Kanban Zone strikes the perfect balance of simplicity
and proven Kanban techniques to help you prioritize,

streamline and complete your work faster without
compromising your quality.

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Migration, Team Training and Onboarding.

Your success is our success! We offer experts who can help you migrate, set up and continuously improve your flow of work. Learn more about our Professional Services…

  • Alignment session
  • Agile leadership training
  • Kanban training
  • Portfolio Kanban setup
  • Backlog grooming sessions
  • Retrospective sessions
  • Kanban metric assessment
  • Organizational design


I need a better way to prioritize our work

  • Connect boards and visualize all work across your organization
  • Connect your goals to specific high-level deliverables
  • Achieve full traceability to ensure that everyone keeps their focus
  • Use custom color-coded labels to organize your Kanban cards
  • Alternate between zones and see your work in different ways


I want to see the big picture
to make better decisions

  • Visualize all your work using Kanban cards
  • Connect cards together to help provide full traceability
  • Track Dependencies and Relationships
  • Immediately see the progress of connected work
  • Easily identify blockers to make better decisions


I want to see the big picture
to make better decisions

  • Visualize all your work using Kanban cards
  • Connect cards together to help provide full traceability
  • Track Dependencies and Relationships
  • Immediately see the progress of connected work
  • Easily identify blockers to make better decisions


I want to  better understand my capacity

  • Introduce Kanban concepts like limiting Work In Progress (WIP)
  • Easily track your cycle time, allocation, flow, and throughput
  • Be in full control of your schedule across your organization
  • Experience lean project management with dynamic project plans
  • Remove the noise and focus on the most valuable work

Serving customers across all industries…

“A fantastic Kanban tool for multi-team coordination”

Kanban Zone is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and has incredibly responsive support. The “mirror” feature is a powerful way to show what another team is doing. Highly recommended!

Craeg StrongCraeg Strong, CTO at Ariel Partners

“Kanban Zone has now become an essential tool for running my business”

It has helped us organize all our projects and our teams to better collaborate. This solution is much more flexible and customizable than most we have seen. Great tool!

Jerome GJerome Guidollet, CEO at Tuango Inc

“The best for small and large businesses”

It’s simple to set up and change. They have plenty of templates, and you can set your boards up almost any way you like. I’ve been in process improvement for quite some time. This is the first product I would endorse.

Steve RSteve Romley, Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

“Super Flexible, 100% Kanban”

You can create any board you or your team may need, making it super flexible. I also love that it is 100% Kanban vs other software that tries to be everything to everybody.

Screen Shot 2022 01 06 At 10.32.19 PMHilary Torn, Affiliate Marketing Manager

“Kanban Zone is my lifesaver”

I have 2 boards running with different workflows to make sure I am on top of the 200 or so jobs running.

sfm qldKim Dyas, Project Manager at SFM QLD

“The mobility without loss of any functionality is fantastic!”

I’m able to work and access everything I need regardless of whether I’m on my laptop, tablet or phone.

taylorTaylor Kane, Owner at Serenity Feng Shui

“Kanban Zone transformed my organization.”

Flexibility. You can modify the software to fit your process flow or organizational needs. It has enabled more collaboration between departments and sped up the time to completion for all our projects.

ScShane Cretacci, President at Project Management Institute (PMI) Phoenix

“Makes Work Fun!”

I love that they’ve kept the UI simple and very easy to use. It promotes accountability and reduces the team friction caused by vaguely assigned tasks. Kanban Zone has helped me become organized without even trying hard :)

AgAdanma George, Digital Marketer at Penning Solutions

It’s simple, intuitive, it just works and the support is phenomenal”

I get a personalized email from a HUMAN within minutes. Kanban Zone takes away all the hassle and complexity of building your electronic board and allows you to immediately focus on what is important.“

Jesus CortesJesus Cortes, IT Manager at DBM Global Inc

“We Love Kanban Zone”

The software is extremely flexible and unlimited in its organizational capabilities. Work organization and execution becomes a breeze.“

Lonne OsbornLonne Osborn, Director of Software Engineering at Space Data Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions


We start your journey with a short email education series to help you quickly understand the basics of Kanban. During your free trial you can experiment with all the features to quickly see how easy it is to benefit from the Kanban methodology. Our team of Kanban experts is always available to schedule a video call to support your needs.

Responsive software design that works on any device.