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This vacation planning Kanban board template combines a Kanban flow to research, plan and classify your vacation as done; but it also includes a two year road map to visualize your upcoming vacations. Organized in a quarterly view, you can quickly see if you have travel plans spread out throughout the year and ensure that you pick the best time of the year to go on vacation. The template provides a way to see the current and next year, to help you plan your trips in advance and make sure that you take enough time to relax on vacation!

weekly planning process kanban board

Create Kanban cards and assign a colored label corresponding to an area of the world, so that you can quickly see which area of the world you are planning to travel. Labels are a great way to organize your cards, but also filter and report based on these labels. If your goal is to see the whole world, then make sure that all your labels are represented on your Vacation planning Kanban board.

weekly planning process kanban board

Use attachments on the cards to see points of interests that you plan to visit, or attach some of your best pictures.

weekly planning process kanban board

Leverage checklists to track your travel activities using clear tasks. You can set target dates, or just make sure to check these off as you complete these. Since you are on vacation, you can take it easy and not complete all your tasks and even miss some dates but don’t get use to it ;)

weekly planning process kanban board

When your vacation is completed, decide to move your card within one of the Done columns to specify if you would like to do this vacation again, or not. This is a simple way to rebook a fun trip, or avoid a bad one.

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