We are actively working with experts around the world to publish these boards full of advice for self-improvements. Once these boards are ready, we will list the expert and their board on this page.

Below are examples of boards that you could build as an expert. As more experts join Kanban Zone, we will start sharing their boards on this page.

  • Lose Weight with health and exercise tips to get results
  • Start a business with a step by step program to achieve success
  • Write a book with a schedule and techniques to get your writing
  • Run your first marathon with steps to prepare and succeed at the event

Build your own board

If you are an expert seeking to find innovative ways to to help your audience improve using your expertise, then start using Kanban Zone. You will see faster results and your audience will benefit from using a simple way to consume your expertise by having it broken down into actionable cards. Not only will you communicate your message clearly, but you will also provide the most efficient way for your target audience to achieve their goals.

We are looking forward to show you how to leverage Kanban Zone to create the ideal solution to grow your circle of influence. Don’t only write books or articles, turn that knowledge into actionable Kanban boards. Your clients and fans will know exactly how to proceed to implement your proven process and they will be able to track their progress and results.

Once you join Kanban Zone as an expert to create these self-improvement boards, we will assign a Kanban coach to work directly with you to ensure that you create the most effective board to  reach your audience.

Give your audience the ideal way to learn and improve fast, by visualizing your expertise on an actionable board with Kanban Zone.

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