Kanban to improve your loving relationship?

We are not suggesting that Kanban Zone can provide relationship advice… Well maybe just one:

Live a life by design by visualizing goals and making them happen!

In the board example below we have created a simple flow with column names that are a little more romantic than our usual boards, with clear explicit agreements under each column to ensure a smooth flow of cards. We also added a few example cards that we do include within this board template to help you get started, as some of the cards might actually be appropriate for your loving couple.

weekly planning process kanban board

Just like any Kanban board, you start by creating new cards in your backlog and prioritize them with the highest priority at the top and lowest at the bottom. This backlog will permit you to share all your ideas before agreeing as a couple which ones to start flowing on your board. You will also see that we set WIP limits on certain columns, so that you stay focused and don’t try to do too many things at once and ultimately not getting anything actually done.

Kanban Zone - Couple in love Kanban boardBe a better lover with a romantic Personal Kanban board

To learn more about the inspiration for this board and how to use it, read this article and you will find helpful tips to take full advantage of this board te,plate.

We hope that you enjoy this lighter side of Kanban Zone and read more about how Personal Kanban can help you live a life by design. You can get started for free, or choose the Personal plan without all the advanced business functionalities, so that you can get the same benefits of Kanban, but for your personal life.

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