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Improve your personal life with Kanban

What if you could take advantage of all the benefits of Kanban, but for your personal life? Well, you can and Kanban Zone makes it extremely easy for you. In our blog Kanban explained in 100 words to improve both your business and personal life, we share how Kanban can be used anywhere. To ensure that you can take full advantage in using Kanban to improve your personal life, please find below some of the key Kanban concepts adapted for Personal Kanban.

Visualize the Workflow

Start with a simple board (To Do, Doing, Done), or choose one of our board templates listed below. Create cards in the To Do column that reflect your personal goals. Now that everything you desire in life is neatly displayed on a board, prioritize all the cards in the To Do column (highest priority at the top). Only move into Doing a card that you are truly going to achieve next. You are now on your way to live a life by design, instead of letting everyone around define your life for you!

Limit Work-In-Progress (WIP)

Be realistic and pace yourself. Trying to work on too many cards (personal goals) at once will cause you to feel busy, but not accomplishing anything. If you are the only person contributing to achieve these personal goals, then you are a team of one. Therefore you should not work on more than one card (maybe two) at a time. The beauty of Kanban is to work on less, yet achieve more. This is easily achieved by only focusing on your top goal and getting it done by moving the card to the Done column once the goal has been achieved. Only then, can you take the next card and also get it done! One card at a time, but creating a consistent flow of success in your life.

Measure & Manage Flow

Although you could track this manually, the huge advantage of using Kanban Zone is that all your card movements are tracked, so you can measure and manage the flow of your cards. For example, how long does it take in average for cards to flow on your board (Cycle Time), and how many cards can you complete within a week, month or year (Throughput). Once you better understand your flow, you can better plan your entire bucket list.

Don’t forget to also embrace Kaizen the spirit of continuous improvement, while doing Kanban. Over time, you will find ways to improve your board by customizing your columns to create a better flow to help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Also make sure to invest in your cards by creating SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound).

Welcome to your new and improved life designed by you.

All you need to get started is to setup your board and create your first cards. What are you waiting for…

All the board templates listed below are available within the Kanban Zone application. You can login to your Kanban Zone account, or sign up for a free trial to interact with these template.

  • Personal to track your goals and achieve them faster
  • Couples in Love to plan date nights and enjoy romantic getaways
  • Family to spend more time together and get chores done
  • Vacations to plan great experiences and track your favorite activities

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