5 Reasons To Use Kanban in Education

Technology in education has picked up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tech adoption continues to rise. To make studying and teaching effective, Kanban is a great organizational tool for project management. 

A tool to maximize efficiency. Kanban offers a systematic approach to increasing efficiency in classrooms. Kanban cards are a simple yet effective way to use virtual boards and cards to improve learning. The use of Kanban in education offers an array of benefits for students and educators.

Helps track regular class schedule

Implementing Kanban in education, especially in online classes, offers the benefit of tracking class schedules and monitoring performances. The dashboard displays changes in their class schedule and homework deadlines. It is easy to track their everyday activities. Easy information on schedules and tasks means better performance.

When a student has clarity on their tasks and schedules, they can work on creating better schedules. Schedules that would be in sync with their study schedule. For online classes, earlier students would often miss keeping track. A simple yet effective answer to the problem is the use of Kanban in education. By creating a Kanban board and integrating it with the lessons and activities conducted during online classes, it will be a lot easier for teachers and students to keep track of their progress and performance.

Modern education platforms

The changing trends in education technology make Kanban a great tool that teaches students to learn, organize and perform well in education. By using Kanban in education settings, students are given a glimpse of how workflows work in a professional setting. It also gives them a better sense of ownership and responsibility as Kanban boards can make task assignments easier for both the teacher and students. A teacher can easily create a Kanban card and detail out assignments and tasks that students need to accomplish, including references and requirements that students will need to deliver.

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Easy submission of tasks

The implementation of the Kanban board in schools and colleges help the educators keep track of all project and homework submissions. In a virtual class, the homework and assignments will be submitted in an online document format. 

Implementing Kanban in education, be it in virtual or physical classrooms, makes many things easy. With a Kanban board to visualize task delegation and workflows, both teachers and students can track assignment submission and deadlines for every student in an organized manner. It is a great tool for monitoring and managing student tasks and performance.

Portfolio Kanban - Reduce Overburden - Improve Flow

Makes communication seamless

Maintaining open communication with the students can become a difficult task when holding online classes. It is difficult to track their attendance, participation, and learning. With the implementation of Kanban in education, there will be no need to constantly check up on students as it will be easier to set goals for each of them through the use of Kanban cards. 

Each goal and task assigned to students will be easily visible on a Kanban board, clearly showing students’ participation. It saves the teacher’s time in communication or any back and forth about student activities. Kanban is a powerful tool for educators as it provides the ability to manage every student and save immense time as well.

Transparent grading system and gamification

Gamification is another great method to use in classroom teaching. To encourage students, the Kanban board can help with gamification by providing rewards in game-like elements. The student results can be displayed for everyone to view. 

This also creates a healthy competitive environment for students. This motivates them to perform better and makes the end of each class interesting. The Kanban board is a helpful tool for increasing communication, collaboration, and participation among the students.

Provides easy support

The Kanban board is easy support for both educators and students. The platform is customizable and flexible, with the choice to make additions and reductions as required. When students use the board, they will be able to move tasks from one column to another every time tasks on a card are accomplished. Teachers can keep a real-time check on the student activities. If they find a student stuck on one section for longer than it must take, it is easy to identify. 

A teacher can connect with them, help them solve their queries, and help them then jump on to the next section. This transparency allows both teachers and students to track their activities and ensure that the learning is at its best. 

Additionally, students can also make use of Android apps for math or any other subject they may be facing difficulty with. Technology has made studying far more effective and seamless. A student can log in from any part of the world, take classes and get the learning from experts.


The Kanban board is a suitable implementation in the education system. It is versatile and thus can be used for students from all age groups. It is effective for college students, post-grad or even Ph.D. students. Kanban offers great benefits to the education system. It is making online or distance learning suitable and effective.

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