How to Plan Trade Shows Smoothly with Kanban

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity for you to showcase what your business has to offer; therefore, no one can afford to miss out on such an event. At this platform, you can connect and interact with your potential clients interested in your products or services. If you want to successfully plan trade shows, you should conduct the required preparations.

Preparing to put your products on the exhibition stands at the trade shows is vital to be well organized. Your production team is the one who will determine if you will be successful or not at the trade shows; therefore, it is important to have them in an organized manner.

Kanban is a tool used in project and wokflow management in defining, controlling, and enhancing services that give out knowledge work. It enables the business to maximize efficiency and continuously improve and visualize tasks.

In this post, I discuss ways to plan trade shows smoothly with Kanban.

Preparation and Budget Creation

If you are after planning for the weekly, monthly, or yearly trade shows, the Kanban board is an effective tool that will help you. Planning for the shows with it, you can divide all your projects and have a precise appraisal of the specific duration the task will take.

Kanban is not centered on delivering the specific dates and months, as it deals with range provisions. For example, in a range of 20-30, you will need to have accomplished all your activities here.

Based on the Monte Carlo simulations, Kanban assessments rely on historical data performance. Planning for the trade shows using Kanban is significant since it gives you room to change your board into a reversed timeline. Also, you will be able to visualize your incoming shows and the future goals next to the recent task.

Developing a budget is a stage that you will need to tackle when planning trade shows. Good preparation typically takes place months before the long-awaited trade show day. Kanban is a unique tool for developing a budget, as it will enable you to figure out the kinds of trade shows that you can afford. Kanban board will help map all phases that your trade show will undergo. By knowing what you can afford, planning the show will be quite easy.

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Designing Presentation

Kanban offers board templates  that you can easily share with your team during meetings and brainstorming sessions. . Development teams can use a suitable Kanban board template to prepare a display illustrating the task’s backlog. You can then use this board to plan your trade show presentation.

The success you will get at the trade shows primarily relies on the presentation. Even if you get that spot where people pass a lot, it will be hard to have the client’s attention if you have a poor presentation.

It is important to have some visuals of brands like logos and colors, as they play a crucial role in recognition and brand awareness. Communication is the key; therefore, ensure that they clearly understand what you are offering.

Your booth should be able to communicate adequately to those passing near it.

Designing a presentation at the trade shows is the marketing strategy that can heavily influence your booth design. It will be easy to control people and even stop them so that you can have a chat with them. You might need to add some demos, interactive experiences, or visual presentations like videos.

Establishing Goals

Goals determination is an activity that will enhance your production team to stick to the approach. The Kanban tool will help with goal identification and have the advantage of the experience. Kanban has an elementary tactic: estimation and coming up with an exact period in which a specific task has to be accomplished by your production team. Trade show goals may follow different approaches; they can be on sales, brand marketing, etc.

An achievable goal setting has some realism; it should not be something your team cannot attain. Kanban is a unique tool that will ensure the goals set are optimistic and prevent time wastage on unnecessary activities. It saves on time spent on progress reports, meetings, and any other interruptions that might not be necessary.


Kanban is a special tool that can envision and map the entire workflow. Big and small enterprises can use the tool in managing projects, planning events, and setting goals. In general, Kanban helps businesses concentrate on the activities at hand, saving time. Plan trade shows with Kanban and help make it easier to visualize your goals towards a successful trade show event.

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