5 Tips to boost your video marketing game plan

Many businesses have entered the world of digital marketing but not all of them are getting the attention they were hoping for. In the previous years, video has become a favorite among consumers so almost every brand got busy making them.

Although video is the king of content, it isn’t a guarantee that yours would be successful. If your videos are only getting a handful of views, it’s time for some changes. Here are some tips to help keep your video marketing efforts from going to waste.

1. Have a relevant focus

Making videos is now easier than ever. You’re now able to access a free online video editor through a browser and create professional-looking videos in just a few minutes. However, if your goal is to attract and maintain a specific audience, your videos should contain the information they want or need.

If your business is about fashion, then be the thought leader on that topic and focus on it exclusively. If you suddenly post a video about the best types of bird feeders, your followers will be thrown off by your inconsistency.

2. Create superior video content

Let’s face it. Regardless of your industry, the internet is already overflowing with video content. With the abundance of high-quality sources and content channels today, making a video for the sake of it will just not do. Shoot in well-lit sets with professional backgrounds. If that’s not possible, use a green screen editor to make one. It’s better to have one excellent video than several mediocre ones.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my video provide information that answers an important question or helps solve a problem?
  • Am I sharing valuable information that people won’t easily find elsewhere?
  • Will my video make people want to subscribe, follow, or check out my other videos?

To help improve the quality of your videos, you can consult an expert or find a guide that can help you create powerful content. You can create a content calendar to help you easily plan your topics and find new ways to get them across. You can get some ideas and tips from other businesses that have successful video marketing campaigns but make sure that you don’t replicate their work.

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3. Improve your SEO

Include important and relevant keyword phrases in the title and description of your video. Shorter and simpler titles may not be as creative as you’d want them to be but they’re more likely to match search keywords. Invest in SEO tools and plugins that can help you identify high-ranking keywords to help your video rank better in search engines.

4. Don’t sell to increase sales

The main purpose of video marketing is to get people to purchase your product or service. But telling them to “buy, buy, buy” will make them more likely to not buy. Instead of over-promoting what you have to offer, share valuable content related to it. Then, towards the end of your video, add a call-to-action, encouraging them to check out your product and give it a try.

Not everyone who watches your video will buy your product or service, but that’s okay. If you keep sharing great and meaningful videos, more and more viewers will share them with their networks. This way, your video extends its reach and increases the chances of catching the attention of interested consumers who are more likely to make a purchase.

5. Maintain a regular schedule

The common misconception is that you have to post a video every single day. However, that frequency may just be too much for your audience. Instead, publish less frequently but make sure that your audience hears from you on a regular basis. For example, posting within two to three days will give your audience enough time to absorb the last video they watched and get excited about the next one.

It’s important to organize and schedule the creation, editing, and publishing of your video content, and these are best done using reliable Kanban software. You can schedule the times you make your videos within a week or batch-create videos for posting on later dates. Make sure that the frequency you choose is not wearing you out and not neglecting your viewers at the same time.

Final thoughts

Your video marketing strategy shouldn’t end when you publish a video. Distribute it appropriately to make sure that it makes an impact. Post it on your website and your social media accounts. Add it to your email newsletters and share them personally with influencers who are relevant to your industry. If you follow these tips and commit to creating and posting videos that’ll help your following grow, it’s safe to expect to see a flourishing ROI over time.

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