You have piles of paperwork waiting for you to finish in the office, and as soon as you come home, there are chores waiting for you. Not to mention your involvement in your kids’ education — projects, assignments, ballet practice or a baseball game this Friday. Whew! How do you keep up? Once you become a parent, your task management skills will come in very handy. Apart from relying solely on your skills in managing tasks, you can also create a family Kanban board, so that you, your partner and your whole family can get on top of things and handle your daily tasks more efficiently.

Why Use a Family Kanban Board at Home?


The Kanban system has become a useful tool for various businesses and organizations. It has helped improve productivity and efficiency in various workplaces. It has also been a great tool to enhance the productivity of freelancers. It can also prove useful to parents who are trying to juggle different activities at work and at home. By implementing the best Kanban board practices, you can also optimize your productivity as a parent. Here are some reasons why working parents should have a family Kanban board, along with a few Kanban examples in everyday life that you can use as inspiration.

Better Scheduling of Tasks

As a parent myself, I understand the great demands of having to juggle a variety of tasks within a short amount of time. My husband and I work from home, and with two kids, different writing projects, and house chores that need my attention, I have found it beneficial to create a personal Kanban board online to help me accomplish my tasks on time, keep track of my eldest daughter’s school activities, and get our daily house chores done. It also helps us get a better sense of how busy or laidback a day will be so that my husband and I can squeeze in some quality time for ourselves.

Improved Involvement in Your Kids’ Growth and Activities

My eldest is on her third grade and apart from her regular school tasks, she’s also involved in a number of extracurricular activities. Apart from her Girl Scout activities, she’s also a member of their school’s ballet group. And my husband and I always sees to it that we get to support her in all the events that she is a part of. The same goes for our youngest daughter, who at three, tends to be very attached and demanding. We make it a point to spend time playing with her, reading to her and jumpstarting her early learning. With our family Kanban board, we have improved our involvement in our kids’ progress within and outside school.


Enhanced Participation of Kids in House Chores

Another benefit that you can take advantage of from using a family Kanban board is the involvement of your kids in completing household chores. Our eldest, who is now 8 years old, understands that she should be involved with all the chores at home. And since she’s now more attuned to the use of tech tools and gadgets, our use of a kanban board for home organization has made it more fun for her. It helped her see the number of tasks that her daddy and I have to take care of. Now, she has made it her mission to help out at home and move the tasks she has helped complete from the Doing column to the Done column.

Portfolio Kanban - Reduce Overburden - Improve Flow

Better Cooperation and Communication at Home

One of the challenges of task management and delegation is communication and cooperation. And when it comes to keeping your house in order, communication is key. Between me and my husband, it’s mostly just the two of us doing most of the chores. On occasion, our kids would help out, especially during weekends. Given that we’re all together at home most of the time, we get to use our family Kanban board to discuss how we can tackle our pending tasks daily. But for partners who don’t always get to talk face to face daily, a family Kanban board can be a helpful way of setting automatic reminders and notifications on tasks that are pending or accomplished. Apart from creating a personal kanban for home use, a Kanban board for couples can be a great tool for planning and enjoying some quality time with one another.

Family Kanban Plans Example

Meet Deadlines at Work

And since your work is also important, a task management Kanban board can also help you keep things in order at work. Apart from helping you get your parenting tasks done right, working parents will also find it easier to handle various work projects by using an online Kanban board. You can choose to create individual boards: one for your household chores and another for your work projects, then you can simply connect these boards to each other.

However you decide to implement the Kanban process in your home, what’s important is that you set up the best method of managing your tasks and responsibilities as a working parent. Know that you are not alone in this endeavor, and thanks to technology, task management for parents can be a lot easier nowadays. Thinking about digitizing your home Kanban board? Check out Kanban Zone’s features and find out if it fits your needs when it comes to creating the best Kanban board online for you and your family.

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