Have you been working as a freelancer for years now? If that is so, then you may be having thoughts about turning your freelance hustle into a business. In fact, for years now, many people who have started their career in freelancing have slowly transitioned into business owners and entrepreneurs, running their own business wherever they may be from all across the globe. And if you are among the growing number of freelancers all over the world who are turning their work-from-anywhere gig into a proper freelancing business, you might want to look into using Kanban as one of your tools to scale a business.

Using Kanban as a Tool for Scaling Your Business


When it comes to getting your freelancing business out there, having the right tools is important. A visual project management tool such as a Kanban board will be a great addition to your operational instruments. It offers a number of advantages when it comes to scaling a business. Here are some of them:

Helps Improve Your Team Management Skills

As part of growing your business, you will need to grow your manpower. Having one or two more team members is a good start, but as the number of your clients grows, you will need to get more people on board. As your team grows you should also find ways to improve your team management. Kanban can make it easy for you to manage your projects and your team members. It will also make it easy for you to assign tasks to each of your members and monitor the progress of their tasks.

Handy When Making Decisions

Another great advantage of having a Kanban board is that it can help make decision making much easier. Having a visual aid for your decision making can help reduce the time you will need to make an informed decision, especially if you want to scale a business.

Good Visual Tool During Team Meetings

During remote team meetings, a Kanban board can help you organize and manage the flow of your meeting. You can use it to write down your agenda and transform them into actionable plans that you can assign to each of your team members.

Makes Project Organization Easier

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As a visual project management tool, a Kanban board can help you optimize your project management efforts and help your team accomplish all of your pending projects. A Kanban board can help you and your team identify which tasks are urgent, which ones are late and which ones are not progressing as planned.

Aids in Communication Between Teams

Another advantage of using a Kanban board as you scale a business is that it helps improve communication between team members. It makes task delegation and monitoring easier. Through a Kanban board, you can easily discuss with your team the progress of each task under their individual cards. This will also make it easy for the whole team to keep track of discussions and the progress of every task within the board.

Improves Overall Team Productivity

With better team management, task delegation and communication, your whole team can experience an improved overall productivity and easily progress from one task to another. By improving your productivity, you also get to improve your earnings and be able to work with more clients.

Tips on Turning Your Freelance Hustle Into a Business

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Want to start expanding your reach but don’t know how to scale a business? The truth is there’s no one-size-fits-all formula on how to scale up a business. The way you grow your business can still depend on a number of factors, such as your experiences, qualifications, network and knowledge. But to help you get started, it’s best that you start with some of the basics. Check out these helpful tips for scaling a business.

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Increase Your Rates

One of the best benefits of continuously improving your expertise is that you get to also enhance your value as a professional. Once you have gathered enough professional experience and gained proof of your skills, you are ready to increase your rate. This is one of the easiest ways to scale a business as a freelancer as you won’t have to exert any extra efforts, apart from providing a service that is worth your rate.

Outsource Your Tasks

If a lot of opportunities are coming your way and you don’t want to turn down any of them, there might come a day that you will get overwhelmed by the bulk of work that is waiting for you. But the good news is finding reliable manpower nowadays is easier. If you don’t have enough time and energy to handle all your work, why not outsource? Delegate your work and manage your own team of remote professionals by directly hiring a group of freelancers. This way, you won’t have to feel burned out all the time trying to juggle so many tasks on your own.

Offer a Product Relevant to Your Niche

Another way to grow your business is by creating a product that you can sell to your target market. If you are an experienced freelance writer, maybe you can write a book about writing or build a training program that aspiring writers can subscribe to. If you are a professional photographer or a graphic artist, you can sell stock photos and images through stock photo websites. This way, you can expect to earn some residual income for the products you’ve worked on, plus you can also add them to your professional portfolio.

Use a Kanban Board to Handle All Your Projects

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Organization is key if you want to properly scale a business. As a professional, you should always see to it that all projects that you take on are accomplished in accordance with your customer’s expectations. And to do that, it’s essential that you organize everything. A Kanban board is one of the most efficient tools to use when it comes to organizing projects. At a glance, you can easily see which cards are urgent, which ones are in progress, and which ones are done. If you are working with a team, you can also assign tasks easily and monitor the progress of each task through the Kanban board.

Build Great Relationships with Clients

If you want your freelancing business to acquire a great reputation, see to it that you maintain a harmonious relationship with your clients. See to it that you meet or exceed their expectations at all times. This way, you can expect them to be loyal to your business and become your repeat customers. Great business relationships can also be a way for you to grow your market through referrals and recommendations from your existing clients.

Enhance Your Online Presence

What better way is there to promote your freelance business than by marketing online! Be it through social media, videos, emails, blogs, or through your own website, online marketing has proven its worth when it comes to advertising brands and businesses. To scale a business, an effective marketing strategy is essential. For your freelance business to gain more clients, see to it that you have a business website and a social media page. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be very handy when it comes to marketing your brand considering that 80 million businesses globally are also using these platforms to market their brand.

It takes a lot of effort for a freelancer to scale a business. The good news is technology has made it a lot easier for us to get started and move forward. With enough perseverance and hardwork, and with the right tools for you to enhance your productivity, you will be able to scale your business in no time at all. And if you are looking for an innovative work organization tool for your freelance business, choose Kanban Zone.

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