Kanban Zone is excited to announce a move to a Free Trial model and also significantly improve the Sign Up and First Time User experience. Existing users will see the biggest improvement when creating a new board. Instead of signing up for a limited Free plan that did not include all the features, now new users will sign up for a 30 day Free Trial that includes everything. The Free Trial rolled out on 20 November 2019.

Kanban Zone - 30 Day Free Trial - Get Started

Why the Change?

Our plans have not changed, we still offer these 3 plans: Personal, Start-Up and Enterprise. At any time during the Free Trial new users can select one of these 3 plans. The Personal plan is still Free. As the most advanced online Kanban tool on the market, we are dedicated to helping teams and individuals visualize, analyze and improve the way they accomplish goals.

We believe Kanban Zone will provide everything you need to significantly improve the way you work, communicate and GET WORK DONE! We  continue to improve our product to help you plan and achieve your business and personal goals. Our customers are result oriented individuals, teams, families, groups, or organization seeking to achieve specific goals and follow their dreams.

About Kanban Zone

Our journey started as Agile coaches who were seeking the best online Kanban tool for our clients… Since we couldn’t find it, we decided to build it and keep improving it. We are Kanban and Agile experts seeking better ways to share, teach and implement new ways of working in all environments, not just manufacturing for Kanban and software for Agile. We provide the most effective online Kanban tool on the market, with the most advanced Kanban board editor and specialized templates to help you get started.

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