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When we created Kanban Zone our goal was to visualize every process within an organization using a simple yet powerful online Kanban solution. One of the key aspects of Kanban is to capture everything needed to deliver a card within the card itself. Out of the box, we provide basic fields like title, description, owner/watcher, size, priority, etc… but with custom fields, you can customize your Kanban cards to track exactly what you need.

Creating custom fields on a Kanban card

In order to provide the most flexibility, we offer these 5 types of custom fields:

  • Date – track a date value
  • DropDown – track a preset list of values
  • Number – track a number value
  • Text – track a text value using this free text field
  • Toggle – track a two-state value like on/off or yes/no

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Below is an example of custom fields we created for each of these types.

Kanban Zone - Custom Fields Management

Kanban Zone – Custom Fields Management

These custom fields are created at the organization level so that you can standardize these fields across your organization. Once created, you can select which custom fields to use on each board, as not all custom fields should be displayed on all boards.

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Visualizing custom fields on a Kanban card

Once custom fields are enabled on a board, you can see these on cards, but also leverage these when filtering your board or generating certain reports. This is why we think custom fields are so powerful, they permit you to create your own visual process management system with the ability to customize every aspect of the information you need to capture within your process flow.

 Custom Fields - Add-On - Kanban Zone

In the screenshot above showing the card details, you can capture all the information you need for each custom field shown in that dedicated area above the card description. Once you close the card, you will notice that any populated custom field will also show on the card when viewed on the board.

View on board Custom Fields - Add-On - Kanban Zone

In the screenshot below you can see that all custom fields can be used within your filter panel. This is especially helpful if you create custom fields that help your team members focus on certain types of data points. It also helps to quickly isolate cards on a board that only match specific criteria related to a custom field.

Kanban Zone - add-on custom fields filter

Finally, custom fields can be used in reports. In the examples shown below for the Cycle Time report, the custom fields can be used to view the data based on the values of these custom fields.

Kanban Zone - Custom Fields in Cycle Time Report

In the example below for the Flow report, the custom fields can be used to filter the data on the report to be included in the report based on the values of these custom fields.

Kanban Zone - Custom Fields in Flow Report

The possibilities are endless. Whatever you need to capture on cards, these flexible custom fields will provide everything you need to create the ideal system online to visualize, track and deliver faster. When you purchase a paid plan with the custom field add-on, our team of Kanban experts will gladly help you set up your boards and custom fields.

Are you ready to finally build the online system that does everything you need?

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